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Speech therapy is a rehabilitation therapy for kids with language and communication disorders. A language/speech disorder can cause problems in pronunciation of specific sounds or difficulty in understanding words or putting them together in a sentence or understandable format. By way of speech therapy special needs kids are taught to communicate in a better manner with speech, gestures or special equipment developed for this cause called the AAC (augmentive and assistive communication) for non-verbal kids. Speech therapist is a trained professional who designs a practice schedule for children with speech or language disorders.

Speech and Language Disorders can be of the Following Types

  • Articulation disorders: Such disorders create a difficulty in producing certain sounds or syllables and saying words correctly. 
  • Fluency disorders: These include speech problems like stuttering, abnormal stoppages, prolonged sounds and unwanted repetitions while speaking. 
  • Dysphagia or feeding disorders causing difficulties in swallowing or eating. 
  • Receptive or expressive communication disorders: These disorders are characterized by trouble putting words into sentences or understanding said words or sentences. Children may also sometimes speak in ways that is not socially acceptable. 
  • Complications from birth defects or surgery: difficulty in speaking due to a throat or mouth surgery or due to birth defects.

Causes of Speech and Language Disorders

  • Cognitive or learning disabilities 
  • Hearing impairments 
  • Autism 
  • Birth defects 
  • Brain injury 
  • Motor planning problems 
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders.

Speech therapy sessions may include exercises that are developed for modelling proper speech like those including repetitions. Play books can also be used to induce communication. The focus is basically in correct pronunciation, articulation and expression. Early intervention speech therapy is considered as the best type of speech therapy. It aims to model the speech of a child at an early phase so that it can get better with time. At HPFY we offer a wide variety of speech therapy products like Chattervox 100 Voice Speech Amplifier, GoTalk 20+ Communicator, Book Talker Communication Device and many more at attractive discounts on all purchaces!