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Atos Medical Provox TruTone Emote Electrolarynx

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TruTone Emote Electrolarynx

Atos Provox TruTone Emote is s a battery-powered artificial larynx device that is intended for use in the absence of the ability to use the larynx to produce sound. When held against the skin in the area of the voicebox, or by insertion of a tube in the oral cavity (with an oral adapter), the device generates mechanical vibrations which resonate in the oral and nasal cavities and can be modulated by the tongue and lips in a normal manner, thereby allowing the production of speech.

Provox TruTone Emote Benefits

  • Quick and easy monotone modes
  • Intuitive adjustments, no tools needed
  • Easy-set modes for push-button simplicity
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design

Features of Provovx TruTone Electrolarynx

  • Advanced, premium-quality speech aid for a more natural expression
  • Allows changes in voice volume from whispering to loud
  • Allows for variance in the tone of voice for a more natural expression
  • Improve the transmission of sound that can help people with hearing issues
  • Up to one-month battery life and USB charging
  • Most users experience 25-35 days between charges
  • Charges just like your phone
  • Comfortable and ergonomic hourglass design
  • Good speech intelligibility

Provox TruTone Emote User Manual

What to buy with Speech Aid Device

How to use Provox TruTone Emote?

Part specification

provox TruTone Emote parts                  Provox Electrolarynx parts

  • A. Sound head (x2) (including sound button and foam ring)
  • B. Sound head spacer
  • C. Power button
  • D. Volume knob
  • E. Body
  • F. Battery
  • G. Battery cap
  • H. Battery connector
  • I. Oral tube (2 + 2)
  • J. Oral adapter
  • K. Tone (pitch) adjustment knob
  • L. LED indicator light
  • M.MODE button
  • U. USB dust cover
  • V. USB charge jack

Operating Instruction

Volume level and power

  • The volume knob (D) all the way down is off.
  • Turn the device on and adjust the volume by turning the volume knob upwards (D).

Adjusting tone

  • • Adjust the tone by turning the tone adjustment knob (K).
  • Keep the power button (C) pressed while making your initial adjustment to hear the differences.
  • Using the tone knob (K) without holding the power button (C) still changes the tone without the ability to hear it.

Setting the mode

  • To change the mode, first, remove the battery cap, then press both the mode button (M) and the power button (C).
  • The mode changes immediately, but if you continue to hold the power button, the device will beep to indicate the new mode setting.
  • The number of beeps and the tone of the beeps indicate which mode it is in.

Choosing sound head

  • If you have hard neck tissue or are in a loud environment. The grey sound head can be used because of its sharper sound.

Using the sound head spacer (B)

  • If you regularly use a higher tone and prefer the tonal qualities without a sound head spacer you may remove it.

Charging battery

  • Pull the USB dust cover (U) out at the top end.
  • Insert micro-USB into the USB charge jack (V).with an approved plug for wall charging.
  • Check that the LED indicator light (L) is lit.
  • Unplug the unit when the charging is complete to conserve power. Use until volume begins to fade, which is at 80% drained.

LED indicator light (L)

  • Low battery - The light turns on when you press the power button signaling that it is approaching time to charge.
  • Charging - Solid light
  • Complete charging - Flashing light

Electrolarynx neck placement

  • Place the sound head (A) against your neck and activate the power button (C).
  • Do not insert any part of the device or accessories into the stoma.
  • Speak as sound is carried into your mouth. Do not force air out.
  • Ensure an airtight seal between the sound head and your neck.
  • Try different positions until you get the best sound. Note that even a 3 mm / 1/8" position change can have a great impact on the sound volume.
  • If you are unable to achieve sound transmission through your neck or are unable to place the device against your neck for medical reasons, try cheek placement or use the oral adapter.
  • Adjusting the base tone up or down may produce a better voice.
  • Mid-range tones are easier to hear for most people.

How to clean Provox Electrolarynx?

  • Maintenance actions are the responsibility of the user. Maintenance should be performed after each use.
  • Wipe the device with a clean, dry cloth or if necessary, a slightly damp cloth (not dripping wet).
  • Use water with mild soap or Isopropylalcohol 50-75%.
  • Be careful not to get moisture inside the device
  • Do not use electrical or spray cleaners

Provovx TruTone Electrolarynx Specifications

Description Specification
Operating temperature (to maintain optimal battery life) +5 °C to +25 °C
+41 °F to +77 °F
Storage and transport temperature (to maintain optimal battery life) -20 °C to +25 °C
-4°F to +77 °F
Operating humidity (to maintain optimal battery life) 15% to 93% relative humidity, 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Storage humidity 0% to 45% relative humidity
Expected service life 1-5 years
Applied part Type BF Applied Part (entire device)
Mode of operation 30 minutes of activation during a 24 hour period
Power source Internally powered
Dimensions 113 mm (4.5 inch)
Weight 130 g (0.29 pounds)
Charge specification 5 V, 750 mA minimum (or 0.75 A minimum)


Provox TruTone Emote Warranty

Five year drop and soak warranty

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