Buy A SleepSafe Bed


Sleep safe with our SleepSafe Beds. These beds are a healthy solution towards sound and peaceful sleep for both adults and children. All risks of fall or bed entrapments are eliminated with these natural and aesthetically-pleasing beds. SleepSafe beds provide peace of mind to caregivers with a wonderful combination of the functionality of hospital beds and comforts of home sleep. Have it customized to meet individual needs and keep your loved ones safe. These specially-designed beds have easy-access safety rails and rail windows and ensure safe height for safety rail protection. Each bed model offers increased level of protection with safety rail height of the three models getting progressively taller than the next.

Features of SleepSafe Beds

  • SleepSafe beds meet all hospital safety guidelines set by the FDA within a stylish framework. 

  • Its carefully-designed frame and mattress address all issues related to people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. 

  • No more head and body entrapment risks. 

  • All seven zones of entrapments specified by the FDA have been dealt with. 

  • There is no gap between the SleepSafe mattress and SleepSafe bed frame. This gap provides maximum risk of entrapment and leads to “burrowing” accidents. 

  • A mattress which fits tightly within the framework ensures there are no gaps between the mattress and the headboard, footboard and the sides.

Sleepsafe Bed Foundation Types

SleepSafe beds ensure strong and safe foundation to support the mattress and offer them in fixed foundation, manual foundation, articulated foundation and hi-lo foundation types.

  • In the fixed foundation the mattress will lie flat on a bunkie board or box spring and offers up to two fixed height options.  

  • Manual foundation has four choices and a hand crank is provided to carry out the adjustments.  

  • Articulated foundation has a fixed height but offers head and knee elevation options using a remote control. 

  • Hi-lo type is like a fully electric bed and provides full articulation with an electric frame. Using a remote control you can raise the knee, head as well as the mattress.

Which Sleepsafe Bed Model is Right For You?

  • When selecting and adjusting the foundation, keep in mind the height between the mattress and the SleepSafe safety rails. This will determine the height of protection provided and is critical for user safety. There are three models of SleepSafe beds to choose from - SleepSafe Classic Low Bed, SleepSafe II Medium Bed and SleepSafer Tall Bed. The SleepSafe Low Bedhas a floor-to-rail height of 35"; SleepSafeII Medium Bedhas a floor-to-rail height of 45 while SleepSafer Tall Bed is an extra tall 54" high.  

  • While you make the selection keep in mind the user’s level of activity. Can the user sit up and move about in the bed unassisted? Is there a risk of the user standing up or kneeling on the bed? These questions will narrow down your search to the foundation type and the height of safety rail above the mattress. Each bed model will offer different side rail protection height and this is key to ensure user safety.  

  • The user’s need is of critical importance. For example, a SleepSafe bed with an articulating foundation and hi-lo features is suitable for a user with special needs who requires a caregiver. Allows flexibility of transfer and is easy on the back of the caregiver. 

  • Another vital aspect is the transfer height. Each bed model offers different heights. 

  • For low beds the transfer height is 21.25” with safety rail on; 19.25” with safety rail off. 

  • For medium beds the transfer height is 31” with safety rail on; 29.5” with safety rail off. 

  • For tall beds the transfer height is 25” with safety rail on; 23.5” with safety rail off.

Which Sleepsafe Bed/Mattress Size Would Be Right For You?

Selection of mattress will depend upon the bed size you go for. Options in bed sizes are three – twin, full and queen and theses are available with all types of foundations. If you opt for twin then the mattress size will be 38” by 77”. For full size bed, mattress size is 51” by 77”. And queen size bed offers mattress size of 60” by 77”. 

SleepSafe mattresses are premium quality foam products featuring gel technology. They are technically advanced to provide optimized pressure relief, rapid heat dissipation and increased breathability. The mattresses are covered in stretch nylon fabric that is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and fire-retardant.  

SleepSafe models features locking casters ensuring security, by locking the bed in its position, as well as easy mobility. The safety rails are full-length wood and can easily be removed and re-attached whenever required. There are several accessories to choose from like custom-fit padding, IV pole, headboard and/or footboard windows, enclosed top with padding for additional safety, etc. Whether you buy this for yourself or for a family member, you will end up sleeping like a baby, knowing you or the person you bought this for is safe and secure when they sleep on this bed.