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What is Raised Toilet Seats?

Raised toilet seats are specially created toilet seats for those who find it difficult to sit down on a regular-height toilet seat. Reasons for this could be knee pain, back pain, weak hips, spine or back difficulties, joint stiffness due to inflammatory conditions like arthritis or recovering from a hip, knee or back surgery. Such conditions can make it painful for the person to lower himself on to a 15-inch toilet bowl, which is the standard height of most toilets. HPFY offers an array of raised toilet seats of varying types for providing a comfortable seating to a wide range of users.

What are the Benefits of Elevated Raised Toilet Seats?

  • Adding a raised toilet seat to the existing toilet seat protects the user from having to bend low to sit down properly. The toilet seat riser proves easy on the legs, back and the knees. The height of a raised toilet seat is generally between 3 to 6 inches. This means the user can cut down on his bending by 3 to 6 inches.
  • Elevated toilet seats allow less stress on his knees and hips and also reduce chances of falls and injuries. And since most raised toilet seats are height adjustable, individuals can adjust the height as per their requirement. However, the height adjustment should be practical so that the individual’s feet are planted firmly on the ground despite a toilet seat elevator so as to avoid falls.
  • There are raised toilet seats which fit in below the existing toilet seat while others are placed on top of the existing seat. Some raised toilet seats have a snap-on style for securing to the existing seat while some elevated toilet seats are held in place with brackets and bolts. The latter mechanism makes it more secure.
  • Those who need assistance sitting down on a toilet seat or getting up from it can opt for elevated toilet seats which have grab bars attached or can be affixed. Grab bars can be really convenient for those who have limited dexterity or limited range of motion.

What are the Types of Raised Toilet Seats?

  • Regular Toilet Seat: Regular raised toilet seats are lightweight and portable. There are raised toilet seats with arms, high toilet seat with arms and legs, toilet base risers with and without lid, raised toilet seats with removable arms, raised toilet seats with cover and contoured raised toilet seat. These elevated toilet seats easily attach to the toilet bowl, are durable and easy to clean.
  • Locking Toilet Seat: Raised toilet seats with a front clamping lock mechanism can secure safely to the existing toilet seat preventing the seat from shifting. Locking toilet seats are built to be strong, sturdy and can bear a lot of weight capacity.
  • Plastic Toilet Seat: There are toilet seat elevators which are made of durable plastic sturdy enough to bear tremendous weight. These plastic toilet seats fit securely over most standard toilet bowls. The plastic is strong and will not chip or rust but last for years.
  • Padded Toilet Seat: Persons who have pain in the lower back or buttocks may find using a padded raised toilet seat more comfortable. The extra thick padding, usually found with top mounting raised toilet seat, offers added comfort.

How to choose a Raised Toilet Seat?

It is important to know exactly what you are looking for in a raised toilet seat and the requirements of both the bathroom and the intended customer to conveniently and efficiently select a raised toilet seat that suits the needs of you your loved ones. Raised toilet seats are available in both round and elongated shapes, in various thicknesses, and in designs that fit a range of weight capacities. You can find the best toilet seat for your purposes by taking into account the size and shape of the toilet seat, the height of the toilet seat from the floor, the user's weight, and the amount of height difference that the user requires.

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