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What is a Stand-Up Chair used for?

A stand-up power chair is an assistive technology device designed to enable people who want to stand up in the wheelchair at their will but are limited due to disability. They are similar to the standing frames used to help raise wheelchair users from a seated position to a standing position. The chair's superior in-home maneuverability provides the user greater flexibility around the house and reaches for things with ease. A sense of freedom and independence is rendered by these chairs that are important to those with physical limitations.

The wheelchair users can perform activities of daily living on their own, without assistance, which enhances their self-esteem. This chair enables interaction with people and objects at eye level. Because the patient can stand up, the risk of pressure sores is reduced. The need for transfer is also minimized. It helps the user to have improved blood circulation, healthier kidney and bladder functions, plus stronger muscle tone. These wheelchairs are lightweight and portable, making them travel-friendly.

Who can use Lift Chairs?

Stand-up chairs are used by people with mild to severe disabilities, including:

HPFY features stand-up chairs from Karman Healthcare, which manufactures and distributes some of the industry's highest quality stand-up power chairs. Karman Healthcare Manual Push Power Assist Stand Wheelchair reduces muscle contracture and brings down risks of pressure sores. Karman Healthcare XO-202 Stand-Up Power Wheelchair is primarily designed for people who need help getting around indoors.

Features of Lift Assist Chairs

Benefits of Lift Chairs

1. Pressure relief: - Pressure sores are skin and tissue injuries that occur from constant pressure over the skin. They mainly develop in the areas including the coccyx, shoulder blades, backbone, etc. The standing position eases the pressure off by distributing your weight which helps to heal bedsores.

2. Blood circulation: - Changing position from sitting to standing will significantly improve blood circulation in lower limbs and reduce the risk of thrombosis. Blood circulates seamlessly around the body bringing oxygen into every organ and strengthening muscles, arteries, and heart.

3. Enhanced bowel and bladder function: -Sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your digestive system. Standing makes it easier to empty the bowel and bladder as gravity plays an important role in getting rid of bodily waste. Standing position reduces the risk of infections due to incomplete urination. Additionally, it avoids kidney and bladder stones.

4. Improved independence: -The stand-up power chair helps you reach things commonly used in daily life and reduces the frustration of being dependent on others.

5. Increased bone density: -Physical activity and movement are important for good bone density. A stand-up chair helps in movement and holding up your own body weight, which is important to maintain bone health and strength.

6. Reduced spasticity: - Changing position from siting to standing will cause muscles in lower limbs to stretch and relax, reducing spasticity.

7. Enhanced psychological wellbeing: - By using a stand-up chair, you can participate in social activities, interact with others making eye contact, and you can be on the same level as others when talking or communicating. It boosts your self-esteem, enhances the quality of life, and feelings of depression and frustration are reduced.

8. Reduces Edema:- Edema is caused due to the constant sitting or standing in one position. The water is pulled down into the legs which causes swelling and often lead to varicose veins. Stand up chairs help the fluid to go back to the heart and reduce the swelling.

Where to buy Lift Chairs for Elderly online?

HPFY brings you stand-up chairs that offer numerous health benefits to wheelchair-bound patients and improve their quality of life. These products are from well-known manufacturer Karman Healthcare. Shop with us and live with greater independence and make your life easier, healthier, and happier.

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