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Center Wheel Drive Chairs available at Health Products For You

For people with mobility issues, a power wheelchair can be life changing. Power chairs assist people with disabilities across many areas of everyday life. There are various drive control options available that will allow you to achieve your personal goals and live more independently.

Power wheelchairs with center wheel drive (mid-wheel drive) are among the most maneuverable type of power chairs available. The wheels are placed directly below the user's center of gravity, allowing the smallest possible turning radius without compromising stability and control. These wheelchairs turn in the middle of the unit, like a spinning top. Center-wheel drive power wheelchairs are perfect for confined spaces and require far less maneuvering than rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs. These machines are intuitive to operate.

Drive wheels are the largest wheels on a power wheelchair that are connected to the motors. Wheelchairs turn on their drive wheels. Therefore, the location of the drive wheel can have an impact on turning radius, maneuverability in different environments as well as driving power.

The features like indoor accessibility, turning radius capabilities, maneuverability in tight spaces in and out of the home have made the center wheel drive power wheelchair more popular these days in many areas. Center wheel drive power chair has six wheels in total, two large drive wheels, and four castor wheels at the front and back. The caster wheels absorb the shock of obstacles and provide outstanding stability and control. These wheelchairs offer speeds up to 6.5 mph and travel as long as 11-14 miles on the battery charge.

HPFY offers a diverse selection of center wheel drive power chairs to suit a variety of needs. Stability and maneuverability mark our collection. Well-known manufacturers have put their experience and know-how into these chairs to develop agility combined with style. They feature the latest technology in electronics and in-line motors.

Golden Tech Compass HD Power Chair offers a stable, center-wheel-drive platform and an articulating chassis for stability over tough terrain. Pride Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair features a sophisticated suspension system for an outstanding level of performance, maneuverability, and tight turning radius. Place your first order with us to avail Welcome Discount.

Features of Mid Wheel Power Chairs

What are the benefits of Center Wheel Drive Wheelchairs?

Evaluation of the user's physical and cognitive abilities and their mobility needs are important factors in determining the best suitable type of power wheelchair for a patient. A therapist works in conjunction with an Assistive Technology Professional to determine which power chair is suitable for patients. Drive wheel configuration is an important criterion when selecting a power wheelchair. There are front-wheel, center-wheel, and rear-wheel drive wheelchairs and each of them have their advantages.

Coming to the center wheel drive wheelchair, they are extremely beneficial for indoor use. The drive wheels are placed in the middle of the power wheelchair directly below the user's center of gravity. This design allows the tightest turning radius, and the wheelchairs can do a complete 360-degree turn.

While using indoors, you can maneuver effortlessly navigating small spaces, such as kitchens and hallways. The positioning of wheels also makes these wheelchairs easier to drive, turn, and maneuver, especially for first time power chair users. The users often find it intuitive to drive.

These wheelchairs have six wheels on the ground, including two drive wheels, two caster wheels at the front, and two castor wheels at the back. This design provides greater stability to the base and prevents the wheelchair from tipping forward or backward even when going over uneven ground or slopes. They have good traction on most surfaces, slopes, and inclines. These wheelchairs can climb obstacles well, such as curbs and small bumps. The final verdict would be that the center-wheel drive power wheelchair is a good fit for you if you mostly use it in the home.

Where to buy Center-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs online?

We at HPFY offer a wide range of center-wheel drive wheelchairs, which are ideal for users who need to navigate small areas, whether at home, work, or in daily life. These wheelchairs are from esteemed vendors like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. Shop with HPFY and give your life a 360-degree turn.

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Frequently asked questions

In a center wheel drive power chair the drive wheels are located in the middle. Mid wheel drive power wheelchairs offer the best maneuverability, literally turning on center like a top. Center-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are perfect for confined spaces and require far less maneuvering than rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs. These machines and are very intuitive to operate.

These power wheelchairs offer speeds up to 6.5 mph.

Mid Wheel drive power chairs can travel as long as 11-14 miles on battery charge.

Most Mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs have large, 10" to 14" drive wheels. They feature obstacle-climbing suspension that allows them to safely and securely climb up to 1" to 2" curbs and thresholds with ease.

  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Can be used for Full- or part time.
  • Captains seat with elevating option (optional on some models)
  • Versatility indoors and outdoors, including semi rough terrain
  • Speeds up to 6.5 mph
  • Battery range of 11 to 14 miles, based on model selected.