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What is a Patella Brace? 

A Patella brace is designed to address various conditions concerning the patella (kneecap), including: 

Patella braces keep the knee stable and help it move properly following a patellar dislocation or subluxation. A patella knee can help whether you are recovering from a sports injury or surgery or just want extra support during activities. HPFY offers a huge collection of patella knee braces that are comfortable to wear for sports, recreation, and everyday use. They help keep the patella in the correct position and decrease the risk of injuring other parts of the knee. 

Who may need a Patella Knee Brace? 

People with the following knee problems may use a patellar stabilizing brace to relieve symptoms, including:  

What does a Patella Stabilizing Brace do? 

Types of Knee Stabilizer Brace  

1. Patella Knee Brace  

Open patella knee braces are designed leaving the kneecap area exposed to relieve pressure on the painful kneecap. Some patella knee braces have foam buttresses that apply compression to specific areas around the patella and help stabilize the patella or promote proper patellar tracking.  

Breg Buttress Support Soft Knee Brace has 1/4 inches foam buttress that can be positioned inside the neoprene pocket to offer stabilization from virtually any position. 

Closed patella knee braces cover the kneecap and are designed to compress the patella when the knee bends more than 45 degrees to prevent patellar bone degeneration.  

2. Hinged Knee Braces 

Hinged knee braces are typically prescribed after knee surgery. The brace provides enhanced patient comfort, eliminating pressure on the incision sites and protects the ligaments and tendons during recovery by stabilizing the knee. 

3. Patella Strap  

The patella knee strap is a thin band worn beneath the patella. It applies compression on the patellar tendon to help reduce knee pain. Vive Patella Strap applies uniform compression across the patellar tendon to stabilize and support the knee and relieve pain and inflammation due to patellar tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter's disease, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, and runner's and jumpers knee.  

How to choose the Best Patella Knee Brace? 

1. Size of the brace  

Buying the correct size patella brace is crucial so that it can provide adequate compression to the knee and prevent an injury from re-occurring.  

2. Open patella brace vs. closed patella brace  

Open patella braces allow relief of knee pressure and extra kneecap support with proper movement and tracking. Closed patella braces offer compression at the kneecap with the same pressure as the rest of the knee and additional support. Consult with your doctor, which is a better option for your needs. 

3. Comfort  

Ensure you are comfortable enough when wearing the patella band. The knee brace will not help you to heal if the brace brings discomfort. 

4. Material  

The patella stabilizer knee brace should be constructed out of breathable, lightweight material so that it absorbs sweat and wick it away from your knee to keep you cool and comfortable while running or playing sports. 

5. Adjustability 

It is best to buy an adjustable patella strap so that you can customize the amount of compression to treat aches and pain. 

6. Durability  

The patella brace comes in a variety of designs and materials. Buy a patella knee brace that is durable enough to last for long. 

Where can I buy a Patella Brace?  

Health Products For You carries a wide range of patella stabilizer knee braces that help with knee alignment and tracking and provide strength and stabilization to the knee joint. We supply patella knee braces from well-known manufacturers like Breg, Deroyal, BSN Medical, etc., at the best prices. Shop now and give your knee the best support to get back to normal life. 

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