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Otoscopes are used in ear examinations. A doctor uses these instruments to look into the ear canal to look at the ear drum. Some otoscopes also places a small air puff inside to ear drum to watch the vibrations in the ear drum. Ear infections, ear drum damage and ear wax accumulation can be detected via an otoscope. An ophthalmoscope is and instrument that lets the doctor to look into the back of your eye known as the fundus. It consists of the retina, optic disc and blood vessels. This test is included in a routine eye exam in case of any eye disease. Find here high quality equipment for eye and ear examinations at for your clinic or hospital facility at best prices.


How are Otoscopes Used?

A speculum is inserted into the ear drum and adjustments are made so that the doctor can get a clear view of the ear drum. Both the ears are generally examined even if problem only exists in one.

Otoscope/ Ophthalmoscope

A normal ear canal is usually skin colored and have tiny hair. Yellowish brown colored earwax is a normal sighting. The ear drum is a thin, shiny, and pearl to grey membrane. Tiny middle ear that push the ear drum can be seen. The otoscope light will reflect in case of a normal ear. In case of an ear infection the ear drum looks red and swollen. Fluid drainage can be seen in the middle ear if the eardrum gets ruptured. Scarring, retraction or bulging can also be seen.

When Is An Eye Examination Required?

An eye examination may be prescribed in case of:

  • Optic Nerve Damage
  • Detachment Or Tears In The Retina Tear
  • Glaucoma (Excessive Pressure In Your Eye)
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cytomegalovirus (Cmv) Retinitis Or Retina Infection
  • Melanoma
  • Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes

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