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Nursing a baby can be overwhelming and sometimes uncomfortable. HPFY offers a range of breast feeding aids to help you in the process. We offer Breast milk storage bags, nursing pads, breast shells, comfort pads, hydrogel pads and much more. Browse through quality products from top manufacturers in the industry and get them to your doorstep with attractive discounts. As new moms you might juggle your career or a hectic day while nursing takes up most of your time. We can make it easier for you. Nursing aids can make your difficult journey a bit easier. Buy breast feeding aids to get through your postpartum smoothly at HPFY from quality manufacturers like medela, lansinoh, ardo, evenflo/ameda and many more…

Nursing Aids Include

Silicone Breast Shields

Breast feeding can hurt a bit in the beginning. You must make sure the baby sucks your areola rather than just the nipples and that both the lips are turned out. A silicone shield can provide a barrier between you and the baby’s mouth. Nipple shields can also help with flat or inverted nipples which can be difficult for the baby to grab. You can use them even while you are not nursing or before the delivery to tone inverted nipples. Try the Ardo Tulips Contact Nipple Shields that allow for pain free breast feeding and makes it easier for the baby to latch on to.

Nursing Pads

We carry a range of nursing pads, reusable or disposable. These pads easily hold inside the bra and absorb the extra leakage saving you of embarrassing situations and wet spots. These pads come with soft and non-irritating edges. Try the Covidien Kendall Curity Disposable Nursing Pads to get the required protection that you want.

Hydrogel Pads

These pads are designed to provide a soothing relief to painful nipples and trauma associated with breast feeding. These gel pads also provide a great healing environment and prevent the nipples from rubbing against the dress fabric. Ameda Evenflo ComfortGel Extended-Use Hydrogel Pad provide great protection and fit inside most nursing bras.

Breast Milk Storage Pouches

These bags are specially made to store breast milk. We carry bags used for refrigeration purposes or for warming milk. These bags are heavy duty and sterile to prevent germs from getting in. Try the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage And Feeding Starter Set that provides you with all you need for storing your liquid gold. 

While breast feeding is the healthiest option for your child it can pose some unique dilemmas. Nursing aids like nipple shields, breast pumps and storage containers can add to your convenience. Along with feeding it is necessary to keep a check on whether or not your little one is getting enough nutrition. Baby weighing scales can help you find that out.