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Daily Living Accessories are designed to make users independent while performing their daily living activities. They improve the living standards and general well-being of users. Different types of dish cleaners make cleaning easy and effective. Floor and bathroom cleaners maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Room heaters keep the surroundings warm. Sensory lights detect the movement of users and provide light when required. Health Products For You offers an extensive range of daily living accessories from popular manufacturers like e-Cloth, Biokleen, Sleepnet Corporation, KAZ USA, e3light Group, etc.

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Types of Daily Living Accessories

  • Dish Cleaners: Dish powders and gels generally contain citrus extracts and mineral-based technologies to remove grease and food particles from the dishes. Natural oxygen bleach contained in these daily aids for living helps remove stains. 

  • Floor and Bathroom Cleaners: Different types of mops and replacement mop heads are available to completely clean the surface including corners. Cleaning and dusting wands are perfect for hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces. Bathroom packs include clothes which are suitable for cleaning wet areas around sinks, showers and baths in kitchens and bathrooms. 

  • Heaters: Heaters heat up the whole room evenly and provide personal warmth to the users. They include excellent safety features so that users can feel safe along with being comfortable. 

  • Storage Boxes: Storage boxes are used to store shoes, small accessories and many more items. They help in organizing any area of the house, including closets. Their seal-tight lids store the items securely and clear body allows to view that what is stored inside the box. 

  • Sensory Lights: Sensory lights use motion sensor to detect the light and movement in darkness, and provide light only when it is required by the user. 

  • Timers: Timers show time in hours, minutes and seconds. They can also be used to solve the purpose of a stopwatch.