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Choose your alarm sensors and accessories from HPFY at affordable prices. Top quality and most reliable, these products have been manufactured by known makers like Posey, Proactive Medical, Stanley Healthcare and more. Our collection of sensor pads include fall prevention alarm sensor pads, cushion alarms, chair belt sensors, chair and bed pads, alarm belts, bedside monitors and much more. Accessories include alarm brackets, wheelchair brackets, alarm attachment straps, power adaptors and replacement pendants.

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What is Fall Detection Sensors?

Caring for older people can often be a difficult and daunting task. Falls are very common among elderly people and people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. These falls can be serious and can lead to death also. An alarming system can immensely help in monitoring persons who are susceptible to falls. Fall detection sensors are simple and effective devices to prevent or detect falls. They are designed to help seniors and patients feel safer and provide the caregiver peace of mind. The fall prevention sensor detects the fall and immediately alerts the caregiver or the staff, who can then assist the patient.

Health Products For You features superior quality alarm sensors and accessories at affordable prices. Our collection of sensors includes alarm sensor pads, cushion alarms, chair belt sensors, chair and bed pads, alarm belts, bedside monitors, and much more. Accessories include alarm brackets, wheelchair brackets, alarm attachment straps, power adaptors, and replacement pendants. Place your order today and get attractive discounts!

Alarm Sensors at HPFY

Pressure Sensor Pads

Some alarm systems work via pressure sensors. The sensor pads detect when the user is no longer in bed or chair and send an alert as soon as it happens. The alert is then picked up on a receiver and sent a strong and audible signal to the caregiver in another room. The sensor pad is connected to a fall prevention monitor, and it will trigger the fall alarm when weight is removed from the sensor pad. The alarm will automatically reset when the patient returns to the safe position, reducing false alarms. These sensor pads can be used on beds as well as chairs.

McKesson Bed Alarm Sensor Pad is placed under the resident on the bed. When the resident gets up and pressure is released from the pad, the bed alarm monitor will alert the caregiver.

Alarm Belt

Indications for the alarm belt include poor trunk control, impaired standing balance, impulsiveness, and frequent attempts to get up from the chair despite instructions not to do so. The belt alarm quickly alerts the caregiver or the nursing staff when the patient attempts to stand. The alarm protects the patient from falls without restraining the patient.

AliMed Early Warning E-Z Release Seatbelt is used with an alarm to indicate to staff when a patient is attempting to get out of a wheelchair.

Alarm Cushion Sensors

The sensor is placed inside the cushion and linked to the alarm system. The alarm sounds when the resident rises and resets when they sit.

Skil-Care Gel-Foam Cushion and Sensor provides pressure relief and redistribution for patient comfort and safety.

Floor Mat Sensors

These mats can be placed next to the patient’s bed that alerts when the patient steps on the mat while trying to rise from the bed.

Stanley Healthcare Floor Sentry Mat is compatible with all deluxe UMP monitors, and placing weight on the mat causes the monitor to alarm.

Motion/Infrared Red Sensors

Motion sensors detect movement in a room, such as patients leaving the bed or crossing the door threshold, and send signals to the monitor. These sensors are ideal for wandering patients, and the sensors prevent a fall by supplying early alerts to the caregiver. Motion sensors are easy to set up, and one can effectively supervise the required areas.

Stanley Healthcare Infrared Sentry IRM-1 Wireless Door and Bedside Monitor are alternative means to detect residents’ movement that do not require wires, cords, or pads.

Where to Buy Fall Detection Devices Online?

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of fall detection sensors that can easily alert caregivers so that the patient can get immediate help. HPFY also carries all sorts of accessories required for the alarming system. These products are from Skil Care, Stanley Healthcare, Proactive, and many more.

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