Diabetes Socks

Diabetes Socks are specially designed for people with diabetes to provide comfort and protection against foot related issues. They are made from high quality and fine materials to take care of sensitive feet. Socks for diabetic patients have non-elasticated cuffs to prevent rashes. They control moisture and provide cushioning support. Health Products For You provides a wide range of diabetes socks like Alba Health Care Sox Diabetic Socks, Care Active Diabetic Swellsox, PediFix SeamLess OverSized Socks, etc. These products are designed by various popular manufacturers like Medicool, BSN Medical, Bilt-Rite, Alba Healthcare, Americal and many more.


Benefits of Diabetic Socks

  • Control moisture to minimize the risk of fungal infection 

  • No seams reduce the chances of having blisters 

  • Cushion the feet to provide protection from rubbing and injury 

  • Dry out sweat and allow the feet to breathe in summers 

  • Keep the feet warm in winter 

  • Prevent the chances of having foot ulcers 

  • Conform to the feet to provide comfort 

  • Do not cause discomfort due to wrinkles 

  • Protect sensitive pressure points 

  • Do not contain irritating and tight elastic fibers 

  • Anti-microbial property fight from bacterial infection and odor 

  • Show blood or any other discharge that comes out from the injuries 

  • Provide mild compression to give better circulation