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Diabetes Foot Care is important to relieve the foot related complications. People suffering from diabetes can easily develop foot ulcers from blisters and small wounds, which can pose a threat of amputation in future. Diabetic foot care supplies include foot creams, foot brushes, edema boots and insoles to protect and maintain the vulnerable diabetic skin. For best results, these products can be used on regular basis. Health Products For You offers a wide variety of products for diabetes foot care from popular manufacturers like Genuine Virgin Aloe, Careactive, 3M Medical, etc.

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Some Diabetic Foot Care Supplies

  • Foot cream: Foot cream can be applied on the heel, between the toes and over the entire foot to moisturize the skin and prevent infections.  
  • Foot brush: Foot brush is designed to maintain hygiene of lower extremities. It helps people with limited reach to take extra care of their feet.  
  • Edema boots: Edema boots are super soft slippers that help people suffering from diabetes provide comfortable, non-constricting roomy area. 
  • Diabetic Inserts: Diabetic inserts protect the body by offering superior comfort and support.

Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

  • Use diabetes foot care supplies for support and comfort  
  • Use diabetic insoles for extra support 
  • Check the feet every day for wounds, cracks and sores  
  • Do not put the feet in hot water to check its temperature 
  • Keep the feet dry to minimize the chances of skin infection 
  • Do not walk barefoot anywhere 
  • Go for low-impact exercises that do not put much pressure on the feet  
  • Regularly see a podiatrist for treatment of foot problems 
  • Prevent diabetic neuropathy by controlling blood sugar levels 
  • Stop smoking to enhance the circulation of blood in the feet