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Ankle braces are designed to provide support and compression to a person’s ankle in case of strains, sprains, fracture, injury or deformities. Ankle braces differ by design and by the utility that they offer. These may be used immobilize a sprained ankle and provide the right amount of compression required for healing. The purpose of ankle braces is to prevent further injury due to movement while the ankle recovers from the previous one. Walking with ankle braces may also help putting pressure off your ankle. At HPFY We have ankle braces from top manufacturers like Djo Incorporated, Breg Incorporated, Patteson Medical, Advanced Orthopaedics and many more at attractive prices and hearty discounts. Buy today to avail the discounts and save big!

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Types of Ankle Supports

AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis)

These orthoses are generally made up of sturdy materials and are intended to control the movement of the ankle and the foot. These orthoses are applied externally for prevention of further injury. Try Advanced Orthopaedics Podus Boots, Comfy Spring Ankle Foot Orthosis to control the angle of movement of the ankle and foot.

Ankle Stirrups

These braces are used for treatment of acute and chronic ankle strains and sprains. Also there are medial and lateral rigid supports to control inversion and eversion movements. Try the Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe Ankle Brace for supporting the ankle while providing side support.

Ankle Wraps

These wraps are designed to wrap around the ankle for additional support, pain and inflammation reduction and further injury prevention. Try the BodySport Slip-On Ankle Compression for compression and pain relief.

Lace Up Ankle Supports

These supports are designed to position the heel and stabilize the ankle. These ankle supports can be worn as a protective measure or for providing compression and support to strains or sprains. Try the Core Lace-Up Ankle Support for maximum protection while playing sports.

Night Splints

For medical conditions like the Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis it is recommended to keep the ankle at a specific position. For this purpose night splints provide just the right positioning along with comfort. They help in reducing the pain and discomfort caused due to the medical condition. Try the Comfortland Comfort Padded Night Splint for faster recovery from plantar fasciitis.

Ankle braces may be recommended for certain deformities like in case of supine or prone legs that may cause the ankles to turn outwards. These braces may help in bringing them to the correct position. Ankle braces can also be used post corrective surgeries. They provide compression to the affected leg to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation in the injured area. You must consult your doctor for better fitting advice. The ankle support must fit snuggly but not too tight as it can hamper circulation of blood.  

At HPFY we have brought to you a wide range of ankle supports each designed to address a specific purpose. Your doctor may recommend ankle braces to you along with pain relief medications and other medication for faster recovery.