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What is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

A wrist blood pressure monitor is a diagnostic device that takes blood pressure from the wrist. It measures the vibration of blood flowing through the arteries in the wrist and converts it to a number that indicates blood pressure. The machine produces accurate readings if used correctly, but positioning is crucial to avoid incorrect readings.

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Significance of Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

A wrist blood pressure monitor is a valuable tool for monitoring health for those people with ailments like cardiovascular conditions or high blood pressure. The wrist monitor can quickly and efficiently gauge blood pressure, and it is more accessible and easier to use. Additionally, it has a facility to store previous readings. Furthermore, it is beneficial to the people who cannot have blood pressure measured at the upper arm because they have large arms or find blood pressure measurement painful.

Buying Guide for Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Interface and Design

While buying a wrist blood pressure monitor for seniors, it would be best to go for a device with a simple interface and buttons that are easy to understand. Look for a large screen with the big font to make it easier to read results accurately.

Cuff Size

Generally, all wrist monitors have an adjustable cuff, but if one has an unusually small or large wrist, it would be wise to check the cuff measurements to ensure that the device will fit correctly. An improper fit can affect the readings.


The battery should have a long life as many people check blood pressure daily. Some patients prefer a rechargeable battery, while others opt for a battery that needs to be changed completely.


The ability to store readings is beneficial for tracking blood pressure. Check how many readings the unit can save and buy a unit with at least 60 memory recall if one uses a wrist monitor more frequently.

Multiple Users

If a household has more than one member who needs to keep track of blood pressure measurement, go for a device that can accommodate multiple user profiles. Also, check the unit has an adjustable cuff to fit different wrists.

Storage Case

Buy a wrist monitor that comes with a storage case to protect the device.

Tips on Correct Usage of Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully before using the wrist monitor. 
  • Keep the arm at heart level while taking reading because correct positioning is vital for accurate results. 
  • One should sit quietly in a relaxed position for a few minutes before taking a reading. 
  • It would be a good idea to take blood pressure readings at the same time every day. 
  • Never use a wrist monitor on clothing as it may affect the accuracy of the measurement. 
  • Do not take readings after eating or exercising.

Where to Buy the Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Online?

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