Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Wrist blood pressure monitors are designed to take blood pressure from the wrist rather than the arm as in conventional blood pressure monitors. These monitors can produce accurate readings if used in the correct manner. These monitors are very sensitive to position of the body. You must keep your arm at heart level while taking the blood pressure in order to obtain the correct readings. The measurements taken at the wrist are often different from those taken in the upper arm. This is because the arteries in the wrist are narrower in the wrist than in the forearm and not as deep into the skin. Buy quality wrist blood pressure monitors at best prices on HPFY!


Why are Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Required?

It is not convenient for some people to use arm blood pressure monitors due to a large arm or if they experience pain while measurement. They can use wrist blood pressure monitors more conveniently. In general blood pressure readings taken at home are different from those taken in the doctor’s clinic and have chances of error. It is best to get your wrist blood pressure monitor to the doctor so that you can get it checked and know how to take the correct readings. Also make the comparison between arm blood pressure monitor and wrist monitor to get an idea on the amount of difference between the two. 

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