Some types of pervasive development disorders that fall in the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) category includes autism, asperger syndrome, childhood degenerative disorder, rett syndrome etc. In these types of disorders children have problem in communication, repetitive behavior, lack of social skills, and low brain function development. Such children face many challenges in their day to day life. A number of treatments and therapies are designed for them. Weighted products like weighted blankets, vests and toys can help a great deal to such kids who suffer from ASD. Weighted toys and vests can be draped around the shoulders and neck when the child is awake. The pressure and a feeling of touch by the vest will stimulate serotonin hormone that will calm them down and induce happy feelings.

Sleep disruptions are common in people with autism. The common difficulties include problems in falling asleep and staying asleep or getting less than a few hours of sleep. While sleeping, hug your little one with a weighted therapy blanket. These blankets help children to fall asleep quickly and for the entire night. These blankets discourages tossing and turning due to the weight. They are not too warm or restrictive either. The serotonin produced by the gentle pressure leads to generation of melatonin that helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which influences the mood greatly. Along with mood it is also good for the appetite, sleep, learning and memory. Weighted products use the deep pressure touch stimulation mechanism to help with serotonin production. It is found in many cases that using a weighted vest or a weighted blanket around the shoulders and the lap makes the child feel secure and stay calm.

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