Carts, Trolleys & Stools

Carts, Trolleys and Stools are designed for use by people with limited strength. They can be used in mostly all the household and institutional settings. Unique construction of stools make sitting down and getting up easier for patients. Mobility trolleys and carts are used to carry drinks, meals and other items from one place to another. They also provide walking support to an extent. Health Products For You offers carts, trolleys and stools from well-known and top-selling manufacturers like Drive MedicalConvaquip, MJM International,  Aqua Creek Products and many more.

Different Types of Carts

  • Hamper Cart: Hamper carts are generally large and have open ventilation that is great for transporting food items. The sturdiness of these carts make them suitable for carrying larger loads. 
  • Hydration Cart: Hydration carts provide food and drinks to users throughout the day. They have an ice storage drawer to store the ice. Hydration carts are ideal for all acute and long-term care facilities. 
  • Shopping Cart: Shopping carts help in transporting laundry, groceries and other items. They provide a plenty of space to accommodate all the things which user requires. Shopping carts usually have a textured handle for easy and secure handling. 
  • Utility Cart: Utility carts are used for transportation, distribution and storage of letters and small parcels. These wheeled carts fold up easily for convenient storage.