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What is a Transport Wheelchair?

Transport wheelchairs, also known as transfer chairs, are compact, foldable, and lightweight. Unlike a wheelchair, it is not self-propelled and needs to be pushed by a companion or a caregiver. It has four small wheels and two push handles and is meant to move an individual between destinations. It is an excellent mobility device for vacations, outings, and any other outdoor activities. They are compact enough for convenient storage when they are not in use.

At HPFY, we have a huge collection of lightweight and aluminum transport chairs designed to serve as an affordable patient transfer device. We facilitate our customers with best lightweight transport chairs from top brands like Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Nova-Ortho Medical, and many more at affordable prices.

A manual wheelchair is a piece of equipment designed for people with mobility difficulties due to illness, injury, or disability. It aids in performing daily activities independently and lead an active life. It allows you to move around with increased confidence without the fear of falling. The wheelchair has two large back wheels and is accompanied by rotating handrails, which help the chair move forward. So, the wheelchair user can propel himself without any assistance. Normally, these are heavy-weighted.

Both the chairs are great in providing added mobility and convenience to the user. Based on the requirement, one can go for the one or the other or both.

What is the difference between Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs?


The main difference between transport wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs is that the former are attendant propelled, and the latter is self-propelling.

Wheel size

Transport wheelchairs come with small wheels for maneuverability, and standard wheelchairs come with large wheels with hand rims for self-propulsion.


Transport chairs are compact, foldable, and lightweight. Easy for storage when they are not in use. Transport chairs are compact enough to navigate through narrow doors and hallways, but wheelchairs with wider structures can't pass through the narrow doorways.


Wheelchairs are heavy and manufactured for long-term use, whereas transport chairs are for temporary use.


Wheelchairs are equipped with brakes on the large rear wheels and can be pushed to lock or pulled to unlock. It helps to lock the chair in place for users to enter or exit the chair safely. Transport chairs have brakes on the handles located on the chair's back, which enables the companion to apply the brakes more easily.

Travel Friendly

Most wheelchairs are equipped with padded backrest, armrest, and wheelchair cushions ideal for a long duration of sitting. Transport chairs are travel-friendly and are not meant for sitting purposes.

Key Features of Lightweight Transport Chairs for Elderly

  • Transport chairs are lightweight and compact. It makes them incredibly convenient to use.
  • They are travel-friendly.
  • These wheelchairs are made up of durable, lightweight aluminum.
  • Transport chairs are narrow enough to fit through narrow doorways.
  • Small wheels of transport wheelchairs allow for great maneuverability.
  • The footrests flip for easy transfers.
  • Varied types of armrests provide the necessary support.
  • It is foldable, easy to fit into the trunk of your car or store at home when it is not in use.

The Drive Transport Chair, the Medline Ultralight Transport Chair, and the Nova Lightweight Transport Chair are some great mobility aids you can gift to your loved ones. These mobility devices allow them to go outside of their home for a vacation or any other outdoor activities and enjoy life with the company of the caregiver, friend, or family.

Where to buy Best Transport Chairs?

At Health Products For You, we have a huge collection of lightweight transport wheelchairs intended for indoor or outdoor use from the top manufacturers such as the Karman Healthcare, and Compass Health Brands to name a few. Explore our collection and get the best deals.

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