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What is Traction Table?

Traction Table offers patient with feature of adjustments so that he/she can be placed in the proper position for maximum results with minimum effort. Traction tables are available in several configurations and styles to specifically meet the individual spinal decompression requirements of various patients. Traction devices are available in three basic styles that include mechanized traction treatment tables, inversion suspension chairs and tables, and intersegmental roller tables.

Intersegmental Traction Roller Tables
 - This highly specialized equipment works with mechanized rollers built-in to the table to create passive motion that gently stretches spinal joints.The height of the rollers is adjustable to provide appropriate amounts of the pressure needed for each patient’s individual needs, while many other adjustment features and vibration options are available to provide more customized treatment as well. Progressively re-establishing the spine’s normal ranges through the changing contact pressure of the roller mechanism, the roller moves up and down a patient’s spine.

What are the Benefits of Traction Equipment?

All of the modern medical traction devices are designed to decompress the spine. Because the discs of the spine require nutrients from the fluid circulation created by movements of the spinal joints, spinal joint misalignment hinders this natural process resulting in degeneration and thinning of the spinal discs. Gravity’s constant force compresses the spine and weight-bearing joints leading to a host of problems that include bulging or herniated discs. Neural impingement (pinched nerves), muscle spasms, headaches, neck pain, back pain, leg pain and many other spine-related health issues can all respond favorably to today’s various traction therapies.

Traction devices are often used in place of surgical procedures to decompress the spine and to promote an optimal healing environment within the body. The benefits of using traction therapies include the induction of negative intradiscal pressure that promotes repositioning or retraction of bulging or herniated disc materials, and the reduction of pressure within the disc to allow the flow of healing nutrients and circulation. Relaxation, pain relief, joint mobility, strength, balance and the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid are all enhanced through the use of traction devices.

Improved blood flow and oxygen to muscles, ligaments and discs along with the gentle correction of spinal curves intensify well-being, decrease stress and provide healthier amounts of oxygen to vital organs and the brain. Traction equipment can aid in breaking up scar tissue and better alignment helps the body to heal more quickly and efficiently.

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