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What is skin adhesive? 

Also known as liquid stitches, skin adhesive is a special medical glue to close wounds. It is a quick, pain-free, safe alternative to stitches and staples. Medical glue can be used on its own or with stitches or adhesive tapeWound closures with skin glue produce less scarring and are less prone to infection than sutured closures. 

Topical skin adhesives are liquid cyanoacrylate monomers that form a strong bond upon contact with the moisture of the skin. Thus, the edges of a wound are joined together, and the wound starts to heal underneath. Get a wide range of best-quality medical-grade skin adhesives from leading brands and manufacturers at discounted prices!

Indications to use 

Skin glue is usually used for simple cuts or wounds that: 

Sometimes, medical skin bonding glue can be used to close wounds that may be larger and longer. In that case, the wound may be closed internally with subcutaneous sutures and then externally with medical glue. 

Liquid stitches are ideal for operations and procedures such as: 

Contraindication for adhesives 

Not all wounds are suitable for skin adhesives. For example, wound glue is not ideal in highly mobile areas, such as wounds over joints, as it cannot withstand as much tension as sutures. Also, it is not suitable for areas that are moist or damp. 

Benefits of using skin glue

Advantages of wound glue include: 

Aftercare instructions for a wound closed with liquid stitches 

Your doctor or nurse will give instructions about caring for a wound closed with surgical glue before leaving the hospital. Those might include: 

Are there any side effects from wound glue? 

Rarely, contact dermatitis may occur in some patients during or after the treatment. Allergic reactions usually clear up in a few days but may sometimes persist for months. Contact your doctor immediately if you have an allergic reaction, which may include: 

When to seek medical help? 

See your medical provider immediately if: 

Where to buy skin adhesives online? 

Liquid stitches are safe and effective in closing certain wounds. LIQUIBAND Exceed Topical Skin Adhesive from McKesson helps close both surgical and trauma injuries. Medical glues like the popular Ethicon Dermabond Advanced Topical Skin Adhesive come with a convenient applicator tip for safe and easy application.  

Health Products For You supplies liquid skin glue from top manufacturers like Chemence Medical, Ethicon, McKesson, etc., at the best prices. Shop now! 

Read more about the Surgical Glue 

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