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Best Scar Treatment : Getting Rid Of Old Scars

Best Scar Treatment : Getting Rid Of Old Scars
Shweta Chaubey

Scar formation may be a result of an injury, cut, scrape, or even surgery. These small patches, or dark hyperpigmentation, may also cause discomfort, itching, burning, stiffness, and scar tissue pain. Apparently, scars can potentially hinder skin tissue growth leaving your skin looking dull. A scar treatment cream helps fade the dark patches and spots and rejuvenates the skin growth.  

Scars are natural and integral to the normal wound healing process of the body; however, they may sometimes cause severe trouble. Scar management becomes easier when you have effective scar fading cream and other scar removal products at your disposal. Find the best scar treatment products at HPFY.

Can scar tissue cause pain? 

Scar tissues are not always painful because the damaged nerve tissues are destroyed along with the healthy ones. However, sometimes, scarring may be painful when the nerve endings start to regenerate, causing excessive internal pain, which may also lead to severe internal ailments.  

Scar healing stages 

Not knowing where you are in the process of scar healing may cause unnecessary confusion. To keep an eye on the crucial scar healing stages, one must pay heed in understanding the scar healing process.  

  1. Hemostasis - This is the first stage of wound healing. In this stage, the blood rushes to the wound site, where clotting may occur to stop the bleeding. 
  2. Inflammation - Once hemostasis is done, the cells start doing their job, i.e., repairing the wound. The wound site temperature heats up in this stage, increasing the pain and redness, which may persist for a few days.  
  3. Proliferation - This stage of scar healing starts from day four till day 21. In this stage, the tissue around the wound begins to contract, shrink, and close the skin. 
  4. Remodeling - After 21 days, the deeper structure formation starts to surface, which offers the wound tensile strength. The process may continue for almost two years. This is the stage where scars may begin to cause trouble.   

How to get rid of a scar? 

Invasive scar treatments such as scar removal surgery are one of the best ways to get rid of a scar. Apart from surgery, steroid injection, scar cream, ointment, and silicone sheet can also help the scar heal. However, one of the most effective ways of scar treatment is using scar removal cream. It helps flatten, smoothen, and fade old and new scars.  

A scar reducing cream is formulated with rich ingredients for smooth, soft, non-sticky application. The ointment for scars is a  quick-absorbing lotion that blends into the skin and offers a protective skin barrier to retain moisture, allowing new cells to generate and develop the connective tissues below the scar spot.  

3 Best Scar Treatment Creams 

1. NewMedical NewGel Plus E Skin Scar Ointment 

NewMedical NewGel Plus E Skin Scar Ointment

NewMedical NewGel+ E Skin Scar Ointment helps reduce, flatten, smooth, and fade old and new scars and makes the skin feel silky and soft. Scar silicone gel contains Polymerized Siloxanes and Tocopherol, formulated to manage all types of scars, including hypertrophic, keloid, and imperfections, resulting from surgical intervention, accidents, trauma, and burns


2. Genuine Virgin Aloe Scar Block Cream 

Genuine Virgin Aloe Scar Block Cream

Genuine Virgin Aloe Scar Block Cream blends gentle yet powerful botanicals with maximum strength to help minimize the scar visibility of minor injured skin. Applying anti scar cream on existing scars helps to fade thick, red, pink, or raised scars. Scar reducing cream needs immediate application on cuts, scratches, or other minor skin wounds to manage scarring completely.


3. Spenco 2nd Skin Scar Gel 

Spenco 2nd Skin Scar Gel

Spenco 2nd Skin Scar Gel is the best scar gel that helps disappear hypertrophic and keloid scars. This flexible, colorless, non-sticky silicone scar treatment leaves no residue or odor on the user's skin. Silicone scar gel is ideal for treating red and raised scars due to surgery, accident, or burn.


Best Scar Treatment Products 

Apart from scar healing cream, HPFY also offers a wide range of scar healing products such as silicone gel sheet, silicone scar treatment patch, and more. 

1. NewMedical NewGel Plus Silicone Sheet For Scars 

NewMedical NewGel Plus Silicone Sheet For Scars

NewGel+ Silicone Sheet for Scars is a medical grade silicone gel for scars clinically proven to reduce, flatten, fade, and smooth old and new scars. NewGel silicone scar sheet provide secure, efficient, and non-invasive procedures to manage and enhance scars. Best silicone scar sheets are suitable for external scars, perfectly fit the scar site, cut or trim, and are safe to use on kids. 


2. NewMedical NewGel Plus Silicone Strip For Scars 

NewMedical NewGel Plus Silicone Strip For Scars

NewMedical NewGel+ Silicone Strip For Scars is a moisture-providing and quickly healing scar lightening strip that offers a safe, efficacious, non-invasive method to manage and improve scars. Silicone scar strip works as a barrier to the skin, provide hydration, elevated skin temperature, and continuous light pressure. 


3. Rolyan Ezemix Elastomer Putty 

Rolyan Ezemix Elastomer Putty

Rolyan Ezemix Elastomer Putty is a traditional putty-style elastic polymer, best for scar relief. Elastomer Putty is ideal when applied over affected areas where gravity is a concern and is extremely strong and resilient.


4. Silipos Half Coated Body Sleeving 

Silipos Half Coated Body Sleeving

Silipos Half Coated Body Sleeving is interwoven sleeve contains mineral oil coated 1/2 side with breathable gel. Silipos Body Sleeving provides maximum shock absorption while moisturizing the skin and is excellent for skin grafts, burns, scar treatment, Lymphedema, and many sports medicine applications. Body sleeving is washable and reusable. 


5. Soft Putty Elastomer Sensitive Area Scar Treatment Thirty-Two Ounce Kit 

Soft Putty Elastomer Sensitive Area Scar Treatment Thirty-Two Ounce Kit

Soft Putty Elastomer Sensitive Area Scar Treatment Thirty-Two Ounce Kit is used on sensitive or curved areas to smoothen and flatten hypertrophic scars. Cured putty provides great reproduction of point and is robust and resilient. 


6. Silipos Gel-Care Self Adhesive Gel Sheets 

Silipos Gel-Care Self Adhesive Gel Sheets

Silipos Gel-Care Self Adhesive Gel Sheets help new scars cure and make old ones less visible. Slowly release medical grade mineral oil to moisturize the affected area and soften and improve the skin's elasticity. Silipos gel sheets can help permanently improve the final appearance of injury, surgery, burns, or acne scars, and stretch marks. 


Where can I buy the best scar removal products online?  

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of the best scar treatment products from leading manufacturers for healing scars quicker and better. 

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