Tactile Balls

Tactile balls are mostly used for developing sensory awareness or massage stimulation in small children. They are used in early intervention and development classrooms, and by therapists for visual and tactile stimulation. Some balls have a nubby texture and can also provide massage therapy by rolling it in the child’s hand, feet or back. Also holding, gripping or squeezing these balls can help in development of gross motor skills or rolling on them with a parent or peers can help with socialization skills. These balls are available in a wide variety of sizes and types at HPFY.


Benefits of Tactile Balls

Other play activities like hiding and seeking the ball, holding or catching or just play pretending them can make your child active and stimulated. The spiked balls are soft to be touched thereby encouraging exploration and are firm enough for putting deep pressure and massaging. They can be used as a  

  • Fine motor development tool 

  • Best for sensory-seekers and kids with low sensory skills 

  • Made to offer fun and function 

  • For kids of Age above 3 years 

These tactile Balls are very lightweight to hold and fun to play with and come with bright colors that will make your child drawn towards them enhancing visual stimulation as well. Try the Weplay Large Olive Massage Ball Set, Tether Ball Sensory Motor Toy or the FlagHouse Loop-Handled Hop Ball for providing tactile, sensory, and visual stimulaton. 

Buy tactile balls from well known manufacturers like Misc Manu, Playability Toys , Enabling Devices and many more at attractive prices on HPFY!