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What are Sensory Balls?

Sensory motor balls effectively develop sensory awareness of massage stimulation. The ball is rolled onto the child's hands, feet or back. The child can play with it, move it back and forth with a parent, sibling, or classmate and hone their socialization skills. The gripping and squeezing of the tactile balls aids in the development of gross motor skills. Visual and tactile stimulation is necessary for kids. These sensory balls are ideal for therapists' offices and early childhood development classrooms. HPFY has a large variety of textures, sizes, and shapes available. All of which are manufactured by Patterson Medical, Enabling Devices, and Palyability Toys to name a few. 

What are Sensory Motor Balls are used for?

Sensory motor balls for toddlers are used for -

1. Better Sensory Stimulation

The nubbly texture of the ball appeals to the children. When they squeeze the ball, the rubber stretch is felt beneath their fingertips. Sensory balls are efficiently used in massage stimulations. Softly rolling textured sensory balls on a child's back or feet heighten their sensory awareness. Moreover, the sensory balls are for babies are safe for infants who love to chew on safe.

2. Improved Gross Motor Skills

Early introduction to sensory balls improves both fine and gross motor skills in children. An infant would crawl towards sensory balls, which augments their eye and hand coordination, use of muscles to reach a sensory ball strengthens their core muscles at a very early stage. As the child grows, they start playing and squeezing the large sensory balls on their own.

3. Enhanced Socialization

Playing with sensory balls is a great way to break the ice while dealing with children. Young children find sensory shapes and balls interesting.

4. Strengthened Visual & Perceptual Skills

Vivid colors capture the child's interest. Unique projection piques visual curiosity and strengthens their imagination.

Types of Sensory Balls for Autism

Health Products For You brings you three different types of products related to sensory balls for elderly and autistic people -

Where to buy Sensory Balls for Adults?

Health Products For You brings to you varied types of sensory therapy balls which are best apt for adults, children, and people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shop with HPFY and get exciting deals and earn reward dollars on every purchase you make.

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