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What are Different Specialty Thermometers?

1. Forehead Thermometer Strips

A forehead thermometer strip is a simple and quick method of measuring your accurate body temperature. These thermometers are mainly used for infants and toddlers. They are the least disruptive and non-invasive method to measure your baby's temperature. These strips can be used while the baby is asleep without causing any distress or discomfort. You can use the forehead thermometer strips to measure temperature immediately after noticing signs of fever in your baby to take prompt preventive action. The strip's size makes it ideal for carrying along with you in emergencies. They are reusable; make sure to clean them with a tissue or a soft cloth after use. They use liquid crystal technology to give temperature readings. Strips have liquid crystals that change color to indicate temperature. The temperature is read either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Some organizations take the temperature of their employees before entering the facility. Disposable strips are ideal for that purpose and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

How to use Forehead Thermometer Strip

Before using the forehead thermometer strip, ensure the forehead is dry and does not contain any cream, oil, or perspiration.

McKesson Forehead Thermometer Strip provides a convenient, accurate, and inexpensive way to monitor a patient's temperature.

2. Digital Pacifier Thermometer

Taking the temperature of some babies can be challenging as they are not comfortable with a regular thermometer. They tend to move a lot, making it difficult to take accurate readings. Pacifier thermometer comes as a blessing for them. Digital pacifier thermometer is fairly easy to use as the baby only needs to suck on the pacifier until the temperature is recorded. The best part is that the babies won't even realize that you are taking their temperatures. However, digital pacifier thermometers are not recommended for newborns. Also, these thermometers are not suitable for babies who are not used to sucking pacifiers.

How to use a Digital Pacifier Thermometer?

Digital pacifier thermometers are simple to use. Remove the protective cover from the nipples and disinfect the device by rinsing it under warm water. After that, turn on the device and put the thermometer in your baby's mouth. Wait until the temperature appears on the screen. When done, remove the device from your baby's mouth and switch it off. Rinse and disinfect the thermometer again and store it properly.

3. Hot and Cold Discrimination Kit

A hot and cold discrimination kit is a diagnostic tool designed for sensory testing procedures to assess whether patients can differentiate between hot and cold stimuli. This assessment is crucial for patients who have suffered any nerve tissue damage or severe injury. This kit allows temperature discrimination among pediatric patients by a simple, accurate, and quantifiable method. The kit consists of two probes, each for hot and cold temperatures, and a thermometer to measure water temperature. The thermometers in each probe indicate the exact temperature along with the entire hot to the cold range, assuring accurate assessment and reporting. Thermometers are available both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To assess the patient's temperature perception, the probes are randomly placed in contact with the skin surface to be tested. The patient is then asked to respond hot and cold after each stimulus application. Sammons Preston Hot and Cold Discrimination Kit is ideal for this test.

4. Bio Dots Skin Thermometer

Biodots are scientifically calibrated small dots that are stick to your hand to reflect your body temperature as a spectrum of colors. The temperature of the skin changes based on stress level, and the Biodots measure skin temperature. As your temperature changes, the Biodots change color, providing data indicating your stress level and how it is reflected in your physical body. The dots come with a color interpretation chart that is used to relate the color of the Biodots to the level of stress.

Stress can lead to many mental health problems. Monitoring stress and taking adequate action to reduce stress can significantly improve someone's mental health. Biodots are particularly useful during relaxation training and motivation sessions to reassure users that they are achieving relaxation and stress reduction.

Remove the biodots from the sheet and wear them on the back of your hand to determine the causes of your stress. They stay on your hand for up to 24 hours, providing real-time data on your stress levels. Stress Stop Biodots Skin Thermometer is a biofeedback device that gives biological feedback about what is going on inside the user's body.

Where to buy Specialty Thermometers Online?

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