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WP180USL Wireless Doorbell with Flashing Strobe and Push Button

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Wireless Doorbell with Flashing Strobe and Push Button

$52.79 Each
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WP180USL Wireless Doorbell with Flashing Strobe and Push Button plugs into any wall outlet and flashes a strobe with unique chimes for up to three doors. Includes a battery-operated push button. Simply plug the chime into any 120V wall outlet and receive unique chimes for up to three doors along with a strobe notification. Different channels can be set up so multiple chimes can be used in the same building. Push button doorbell uses a 3V battery (included).

4 Reasons to buy WP180USL Wireless Doorbell with Flashing Strobe

  1. Perfect solution for noisy areas
  2. Easy to use and set up
  3. No wires to run, no installation hassles.
  4. 17,000 different privacy codes to prevent mis-connections


Total: $52.79

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WP180USL Wireless Doorbell Features

Metal, concrete, stucco, brick, aluminum, and some other materials may interfere with the transmission range of the transmitter to the receiver – If you have a metal door frame, we recommend mounting the button with a piece of wood between the frame and button.

  • Wireless Door Chime Receiver Dimensions are 2 5/8? x 4 3/8?
  • Wireless Range may vary, depending on construction and materials
  • Extremely Bright Flashing Strobe Light flashes when the push button is pressed
  • No wiring required to install. Just plug the receiver in the wall, pair the receiver to the push button and mount the wireless transmitter using the supplied mounting screws 
  • The three sound options are “ding ding,” “ding dong,” and the “Westminster chime.” Add up to 4 wireless transmitter buttons to one receiver, and assign one of the available three tunes to each button
  • Range up to 125 feet 
  • Selectable channels 
  • Distinct chime to distinguish between doors 
  • Strobe flashes the same for all WP180USL doorbell push buttons 
  • Can add additional push buttons 
  • Includes mounting hardware and 3V CR2032 battery for chime 
  • UL Listed

Please note that the WP180USL model is not compatible with the previous model, WC180.

What to buy with Wireless Doorbell

How to use Harris WP180USL Wireless Doorbell?

WP180USL Doorbell Quick Start

  1. Insert supplied battery into push button (transmitter)
  2. Plug chime receiver into standard 120 volt wall outlet
  3. Hold button where you would like to mount it and push button to test location prior to mounting

Installation of Harris Wireless Doorbell

  1. Open the chime push button case by inserting a small screwdriver into the notch on the bottom and push to open
  2. Insert the supplied 3V CR2032 battery Into the button. The positive (+) side goes up
  3. Plug the chine receiver into a 120V AC wall pullet
  4. Make sure you test the operation, location, and distance of the transmitter and receiver prior to permanently mounting it
  5. Locate a good position for the push button next to the door (do not mount on or right next to a metal surface.) If mounting on a metallic or concrete surface, use a 1/8" or 1/4" wood spacer between the back of the button and the surface to increase the range. Wireless chime range may vary from 20 to 120 feet depending on the construction of your home or office. Wood or vinyl siding is Ideal. Steel, aluminum, brick or stucco will decrease the maximum operating range the system.
  6. To mount the push button: Drill two 4.76mm holes and insert the wall plugs. Place the back plate in the right position and tighten the plate on the wall with the screws (2.6 x 26mm) supplied. Close the cover.

WP180USL Doorbell Operation

Press the ;Learn; button once (located on the side of the receiver.) Two beeps indicate the receiver is in learning mode. Press the transmitter once, and you will hear the chime receiver sound. This indicates the receiver is coded with the transmitter correctly. Press the transmitter button to hear the receiver play the built-in tunes. Once you hear the desired melody, stop pressing the transmitter. There are total 3 different chine tunes for selection

  • Ding ding
  • Ding dong
  • Westminster chime

After you have chosen the desired tune, press the ;learn" button again on the receiver. The receiver will sound 2 beeps to exit learning mode. The receiver will auto exit /earning mods odor 20 seconds if you do not manually exit learning mode. Press the transmitter push button and the receiver will sound the tune selected, and then flash the strobe light. The receiver can learn up to 4 different transmitters. Repeat the steps outlined in "Operation; above to train each transmitter to the receiver. To erase all all learned transmitters, press & hold the ;learn; button on the receiver approximately 15 secs until it sounds 4 beeps. It indicates all learned transmitters have been erased successfully.

WP180USL Wireless Door Bell Troubleshooting

The range of the door chine depends on location, temperature and battery condition. If you are having problems with this product, please try the solutions listed below.

Chime doesn't sound

  • Make the push button is trained to the receiver
  • Replace the bunco battery
  • Make sure there Is electricity to the outlet the chime is plugged Into

Batteries are OK, but chime does not work when Installed

  • Mounting the chime or button directly on metal, concrete or near metal studs reduces the range. Use 1/4" to 1/2" wood shims to move the chime or doorbell button off of the surface.

Warranty of WP180USL Wireless Doorbell with Flashing Strobe and Push Button

One year warranty

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