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Shapewears or body shapers provide a well toned shape to your body adding to your attractiveness. Body Shapers are worn under clothing and help you boost your feminity. Selecting a comfortable body shapewear is quite a challenge because not all body shapers can be comfortable. In pursuit of fashion and look, one tends to sacrifice comfort. Squeezing into a tight-fitting body shaper dress can be agonizing and may not even hide the bulges. Choosing the ideal body shapewear which is both comfortable and sleek involves getting your requirement in mind.

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How to Choose the Correct Body Shaper?


Getting the right size of the body shaper garment is key to achieving the perfect shape. If you think buying a size smaller than you require will do the trick, you may be wrong. A tighter sized body shapewear for women means discomfort and more bulges. Something you cannot hide. The correct size means a sleek silhouette and perfect fitting.

Compression Level

The compression level of a body shapewear will determine how you look as well as how comfortable you are. For someone looking for daily-wear body shaper, a garment with light control will work the best. Not only will it be comfortable but it will also provide shape and support in all the right places.

  • A light control garment will offer more coverage than your underwear but not too much. It will give you a light smoothening effect for a slender look and comfortable feel. 
  • A medium level compression will provide generous shape and support to your body and yet be extremely comfortable. 
  • Firm control level shapewear for women will offer trendy designs for a sexy silhouette. You can go bold with this level, especially for nightwear. Low-cut garments work best with firm control shapewear. Firm control support is also suitable after a thoracic or abdominal surgery or to help with sciatic pain and slipped discs. When worn around the waist, firm support shapewear provide static correction of the spine.

Problem Area

  • Before buying your shapewear, first determine the problem area for which you need this garment. Is it your rear, legs, back, highs, thighs, torso, tummy, waist or the whole body? 

  • Full body compression level will provide you all-round support. It will help shape and support the sides of each breast and give a smooth look around and over the shoulders. It will also help support and shape the waist providing a slender look to the body. 

  • Abdominal support shapewear for women firm up the tummy, support the abdominal and hip areas and help prevent or reduce lower back pain. There are abdominal support girdles that have a lower crotch opening with hooks for hygienic convenience. 

  • Post-operative body bandages are useful for thorax trauma such as thoracic contusions or broken ribs.

Outfit Design

Selection of shapewear styles has to be according to the outfit you are wearing. Summer bloomers under a summer dress are ideal when it is too hot. Made of moisture-wicking fabric, these bloomers can replace a hose or slimming panties. High-waisted control panties, open bust shapewear for women, shapewear leggings, shaping bodysuits are some of the options available.


Body shapewear has to be comfortable, particularly one that is for daily wear. The fabric of the garment is an important factor to consider. It has to be breathable, soft on the skin and comfortable. Lycra in a combination with cotton or nylon can be soothing. A bottom with 10% or more Lycra content and a camisole with around 5% Lycra content can be effective. A mix of nylon, cotton and Lycra abdominal support girdle is comfortable for everyday use as is a control camisole with cotton/Lycra knit blend of 90-95% cotton and 5-10% Lycra.

Does Wearing Body Shapewear Pose Any Dangers?

There have been concerns that wearing a body shapewear can cause health implications like acid reflux, blood clots and respiratory problems. But, some body shapewear experts disagree with this notion saying that there should be no problem if the shapewear has the right fabric, high quality design and correct control level. In fact, they claim that shapewear support the muscles and improve blood circulation.