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What is a Post OP Shoe?

Post-surgical shoes are commonly used after surgery, foot or ankle or toe fracture, or any other injury. These shoes also help to recover from various issues like plantar fasciitis, bunion surgery, and diabetic foot ulcers. Normally, they are big in size so that they can accommodate all the bandages, casts, and swollen feet. A wide array of post-surgical shoes are available to cater to different issues. Padded post-surgical shoes with cushioned insoles, varied shapes and designs, and colors provide a great deal of comfort and choice for selecting the right kind for your feet. Non-skid shoes prevent the possibility of slipping as balance and support is reduced after surgery. You can explore HPFY's wide range of surgical shoes from top brands like Breg Incorporated, Advanced Orthopedics, and BSN Medical to name a few.

What is the Purpose of a Surgical Shoe?

After surgery and during the recovery process, post-surgical shoe plays a major role. It enhances mobility and the wound healing process. Post-surgical shoes are scientifically engineered to accelerate the healing process. It provides adequate protection, and the rigid bottom reduces the flexion of the foot. It also protects the foot from any injury by immobilizing the foot. An ill-fitting shoe can aggravate the condition. So, one requires to be extremely careful while choosing the right kind of shoe. The surgeon or the podiatrist should be consulted before using one.

Instructions of Post Surgical Shoes For Patients

  • Place the foot inside the shoe and adjust the straps accordingly so that they are well fitted and firm but not very tight.
  • Stand up and take few steps to see if it is comfortable while walking.
  • If you notice any swelling or redness, do consult your surgeon.
  • The shoes are worn until the doctor verifies that the patient has fully recovered.

Where can I buy Post OP Shoe Online?

Health Products From You offers a wide variety of Post Surgery Shoes from several leading manufacturers such as ProCare, and Darco International Inc. etc.

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