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What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

Oxygen Cylinder is a metal container that makes oxygen easily accessible to patients with respiratory problems. Oxygen Tank for Breathing is used as a storage cylinder for oxygen gas. It comes in various sizes, types, and capacities to meet the varying requirements of different users. HPFY brings O2 cylinders that come in a durable design and serve you for a long time. Home fill cylinders are types of cylinders that allow patients to fill in oxygen using O2 concentrators. Small oxygen tanks allow users to travel as they can be carried anywhere. So now, people who require continuous supply can step out of the home or hospital settings. At HealthProductsForYou.com, you can buy oxygen tanks by choosing the right option from a lot of varieties!

Types of Oxygen Tanks

  • Compressed Oxygen Tank

    These are the most commonly used oxygen tanks but are popular because they are inexpensive and often covered by medical insurance. Compressed oxygen cylinders are heavy and they may have issues if not kept in an upright position. For portability, small oxygen tanks can be filled with the big ones.
  • Liquid Oxygen Tank

    These containers can hold more oxygen than the heavy ones and are lighter. They cost more than heavy containers and can't go on airplanes. Also, these liquid oxygen containers do not last as long because the oxygen can disappear. You can fill small portable containers from the big ones.

Oxygen Tank Sizes

Cylinder Size Capacity (L) Weight (Lbs.) Height (In.) Diameter (In.)
M2 42 0.7 5.7 2.5
A [M4] 115 1.7 8.7 4.38
B [M6] 164 2.3 12 3.21
ML6 164 2.8 7.8 4.38
C [M9] 248 3.6 10.9 4.38
D [M15] 415 5.1 16.5 4.38
E [M24] 682 7.5 25.5 4.38
M60 1762 22.3 22.9 7.25
MM 3455 40.7 36.5 8

Oxygen Cylinder Sizes

*Note* The above size chart is intended to give an approximate sizing idea to its readers. The original measurements of various oxygen cylinders may vary based on manufacturers.

How To Refill A Portable Oxygen Tank At Home?

  • Check the cylinder pressure first
  • Close the toggle valve by rotating clockwise
  • Remove the conserver/regulator
  • Remove the post valve cover from the cylinder and the connector fillport cover from the compressor
  • Push DOWN the outer ring (sleeve) of the connector fillport to reset the connector
  • Position the cylinder in the compressor cradle
  • Align the cylinder fill port with the connector fill port
Filling the Oxygen Cylinder

*The illustration displays Invacare HomeFill CGA870 Post Valve Cylinder and Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Compressor*

  • Pull the outer ring of the connector fillport while pushing DOWN on the cylinder assembly to couple the cylinder fillport into the connector fillport
    Note: A"click" is heard when the cylinder is properly connected to the compressor
  • Press the compressor power switch to the ON position
  • After the cylinder is full, turn off the compressor power switch
  • Grasp the cylinder assembly with one hand and with the other hand, grasp the outer ring (sleeve) of the connector fillport and push DOWN
  • Lift up on the cylinder assembly to remove from the connector fillport
  • When the cylinder fillport is disconnected from the connector fillport, release the outer ring (sleeve) of the connector fillport
  • Remove the cylinder from the compressor cradle
  • Place the fillport covers back on the cylinder and the compressor
  • Install a compatible conserver or regulator
  • Open the toggle valve by turning counterclockwise and examine the conserver or regulator gauge to ensure the cylinder is full (needle pointing into GREEN area).
    If the cylinder is not full, perform the following:
    • Re-fill of the Cylinder
    • If the cylinder is not full after the second attempt to fill, contact the provider

Which O2 Therapy Supplies Are Used With An Oxygen Bottle?

  • Oxygen Compressor – Oxygen compressors are used to fill compressed oxygen from the concentrator to the Home Fill oxygen cylinders.
  • Oxygen Concentrators - Oxygen concentrators work together with machines that make oxygen. People who have small containers to carry oxygen often use these machines.
  • Oxygen conserver - Oxygen Conserving Devices and Regulators are used to keep a check on oxygen levels inside the tank. They are also used to control the outflow of oxygen.
  • Pulse Oximeters – Pulse Oximeters are widely used along with oxygen therapy supplies to help caregivers monitor SpO2 levels in the patient’s blood. These are necessary to ensure they do not receive more than the required O2 levels as it can be harmful to the lungs.
  • Oxygen Cannula & Mask – Oxygen cannulas and masks are used with oxygen tanks to deliver oxygen to the user.
  • Carry Bags - Carry bags are frequently used by people who are prescribed oxygen and need to travel frequently. This allows them to carry cylinders anywhere with ease.
  • Racks and Stands - Oxygen cylinder racks are used in homes and medical places to keep oxygen containers safe when they're not being used. These are really helpful, especially for small oxygen containers, because they keep them standing up and stop them from moving around.

Oxygen Cylinder - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I safely use an oxygen tank?

    • Don’t let anyone smoke or in the room if a patient is using oxygen.
    • Always keep the tank your patient is using in the stand. Lay any other tanks on their sides and secure them so they don’t roll around
    • If the valve post breaks off a tank, the pressure can release and propel the o2 tank forward quickly.
    • Keep the tank away from all heat sources like radiators, heat ducts, stoves, fireplaces, matches, and lighters Oxygen is flammable, i.e., it can catch fire instantly and make things burn or even explode.
  2. How do I attach the regulator to the tank?

    1. Remove the plastic wrap from the valve post on the tank. It may contain a washer.
    2. Attach the regulator to the tank by slipping the regulator over the tank’s valve post. Align the pegs on the inside of the regulator yoke with the holes in the valve post. Slide the regulator forward so the pegs go into the holes.
    3. Fasten the regulator to the tank by turning the T-handle on the regulator until it is tight. If the handle is not tight enough or the washer is not in place, the tank will leak when the valve opens.

A word of Caution - Oxygen tanks must not be used near a fire as they act as an oxidizing agent and feed the fire. Be careful and be safe. Oxygen cylinders play a significant role in treating patients who have difficulty breathing, especially those on the life support system, and are mostly used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities.

Where to buy Affordable Oxygen Tanks for Sale?

Oxygen Tanks and Cylinders are used to deliver oxygen gas to a person who needs oxygen therapy. HPFY offers a wide range of oxygen tanks for sale from top manufacturers such as Responsive Respiratory, Invacare Corporation, Life Corporation, and more.

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