Crohn's disease, cancer treatment, pregnancy, obesity etc. Warm weather conditions elevate the occurrence of night sweats which can be irritating and break the night’s sleep. Some night sweats can also chill you making you even more restless and uncomfortable. The sweat can also wet your sleepwear and bedding. Moisture wicking materials are designed to pull moisture away from the skin and spread it in a larger surface area so that it can evaporate more easily and quickly. HPFY features top vendors who manufacture quality moisture wicking products like Cool-Jams and American Breast Care. Buy now and avail exclusive discounts!

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How Moisture Wicking Fabric Works?

Technically, the moisture wicking material is woven so that it pulls moisture away from the body and spreads out the perspiration allowing it to dry more quickly. The fabric is designed so that each molecule draws moisture away from the neighbouring molecule spreading moisture over as wide a surface area as possible, which in turn speeds up the evaporation process. Many of these products also have an odor free treatment embedded which virtually eliminates odor. You are left with dry, warm, luxurious sleepwear!

  • Moisture wicking sleepwear are made up of natural wicking fibers with high absorbency and softness.  
  • Moisture wicking sleepwear fold compactly saving a lot of space in your wardrobe and are great for travel. 
  • They are mostly made of wrinkle free materials.   
  • These sleepwear come in various styles like night gowns, pajama sets, robes, tank tops, t-shirts, capri set and night shirts.

Each molecule of the fabric is made to take moisture away from the neighboring molecule over a wide surface area. Many fabrics come with an odor eliminating quality in them. Such fabrics prevent foul odor of sweat from residing in the sleepwear. You will get the results you always desired with these dry, warm and luxurious sleepwear. Buy all these top quality products like Cool Jams Moisture Wicking Gathered Tank Nightgown or ABC Fitting Robe and many more that will keep you cool, dry and odor free all through the night.