Frequently Asked Questions on Massage Tables

How much should a portable massage table weigh?

A portable massage table weight ranges from 28 to 35 lbs that makes them relatively easy to carry from space to space.

How thick should be the foam padding on the massage table?

The thickness of the foam table depends upon the requirement of the user. If you do not require the foam to absorb the pressure applied during massage therapy you may choose a table with 2" foam. On the other hand if the purpose is relaxation you may choose the table with a 3" foam.

What materials are used in upholstery?

The materials used for upholstery are PU (polyutherane) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). PVC is cheaper among the two but does not feel good to the skin while PU is more comfortable and soft but it is costlier than PVC.

How to clean a massage table?

Padding of the massage table can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a clean cloth after each massage

What must be done to increase life of a massage table?

In order to increase the life of massage tables it should be properly maintained. Though massage tables are mostly low maintenance, it is important to periodically inspect nuts and bolts, motors if applicable, hinges and other structural aspects of the table to ensure that they are stable. choose good quality sheets for the massage padding and dont forget to clean it after each session.