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Infusion set is a sleek plastic tube that helps in delivering insulin into the body. These tubings are available in different lengths to fulfil different requirements of patients with varied health conditions. At the end of this tube is a stainless steel needle or a soft and flexible cannula. This cannula or needle is inserted into your body at a suitable site (ex. Abdomen, buttocks or thighs). This site is known as the infusion site. The insulin infusion set can remain in place for 2-3 days. If it remains in place for longer there are chances of occlusions causing blockage in the tube or chances of infections. Infusion set is the part of an insulin pump that is used for insulin therapy.

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Contents of an Infusion Set

  • Needle or cannula 
  • Adhesive mount 
  • Quick disconnection device 
  • Length of tubing 
  • Pump cartridge connector

How to choose an Insertion Site

Always choose an insertion site with a good layer of fat beneath the skin. Mostly suitable places are abdomen, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, or either side of the lower back.

Avoid inserting the Infusion Set

  • in 2” (5.0 cm) diameter around the belly button  
  • places where you bend your body  
  • where clothing might rub against the device (like at the belt line)  
  • where you skin is hardened or scarred

Keep the Insertion Site

  • 2” (5.0 cm) far from the sensor site  
  • 3” (7.5 cm) far from the previous site of insertion

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