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Gifting is an age old tradition to show care and affection to your loved ones. A simple gift can put a smile on the face of your special him. In this modern era when one looks for gifts for men, it becomes a troublesome task due to pre-conceived notions about when men like and what they don’t. But the modern world has opened up men to a score of different options to choose from with men venturing out of the set ideals. This holiday season, HPFY brings to you a collection of some of the best gift ideas for men, ranging from products such as foot massagers and exercise tools to hair and body products. Each of our products has been carefully selected keeping in mind the various choices of men. Whether its Thanksgiving or Christmas, we have just the right gift idea for the special him in your life.

Top Eight Gift Ideas for Him

1. CanDo Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Dumbbell

CanDo Vinyl Coated Iron Dumbbell is a color-coded cast iron dumbbell, ideal for physical therapy, upper body exercises, weight training and toning workouts. Vinyl coating on the dumbbell gives it a comfortable feel and does not scratch flow. Each dumbbell is clearly marked in pounds and kilograms.

Features of the CanDo Cast Iron Dumbbell

  • Improves user fitness and stamina
  • Helps improve muscle strength and tone
  • Vinyl coating provides a comfortable and secure grip
  • Coating also prevents dumbbells from marking furniture

2. OPTP Nufoot Indoor Footwear For Men

OPTP Nufoot Indoor Footwear For Men delivers the barefoot feel while keeping the feet clean and protected. It is constructed of four-way stretch neoprene material that hugs the foot, allowing the same freedom of movement as being barefoot. The skid-resistant soles makes Nufoot perfect for nearly all indoor surfaces.

Benefits of the OPTP Indoor Footwear

  • Offers the freedom of being barefoot without being shoe-less
  • Nufoot slip-ons are perfect for the gym or studio, shower
  • Perfect for traveling, hotels, airports, airplanes, cars and boats, offices, etc.
  • Comfortable, water-resistant, skid-resistant, and anti-microbial

3. Sammons One Button Talking Watch

Sammons One Button Talking Watch has only one exposed button for easy operation. Simply press the button to hear the time in a clear and feminine voice. It comes with a gold casing and white face with black numbers. It is completely latex-free

Features of Sammons Talking Watch

  • It comes with a gold casing and white face with black numbers
  • Fits easily and securely on the wrist
  • Made of irritation free material
  • Looks classy as well as elegant

4. Stress Stop Relaxing Through The Seasons CD and DVD

Stress Stop Relaxing Through The Seasons CD helps you relax, reduce worry and eliminate distracting thoughts. Listening to this relaxation CD on a regular basis will impart many of the same benefits as a regular practice of meditation and these benefits include greater peace of mind, better sleep, reduced stress and decreased muscle tension.

Features of Stress Stop CD & DVD

  • Promotes conscious breathing
  • Enhances progressive muscle relaxation
  • Increases user’s mindfulness
  • Easy to understand and learn

5. Wahl Two-Speed All-Body Massager

Wahl Two-Speed All-Body Massager is ergonomically designed with multi-grip handle for complete comfort. It is a versatile two-speed hand-held massager for gentle or deep massage. It is made out of PVC and plastic. It has 4 interchangeable heads: spot attachment, scalp attachment, facial attachment, general body attachment

Benefits of Wahl Two Speed Body Massager

  • Provides excellent pain relief for fatigued and sore muscles
  • 2 speed settings, a low setting and a high setting
  • Multiple attachments for customizing the massage
  • Compact design, perfect to take anywhere

6. BodySport Slow Air Release Fitness Balls

The BodySport Slow Air Release Fitness Balls improve core stability, balance, posture and strength whether the user is sitting at desk or doing a rigorous workout. The gently ridged surface improves grip and it is easy to inflate, durable and a great tool for workouts.

Features of BodySport Fitness Balls

  • BodySport Slow Air Release Fitness Balls are inflatable and Anti-Burst
  • Slow Air Release version deflates more slowly than other standard fitness balls
  • Comes with illustrated exercise guide
  • Includes air pump

7. Maddak All-Out Universal Opener

Maddak All-Out Universal Opener is a multi-functional tool that provides the leverage needed to open most packaged food items. The opener makes it easier and less painful for people with arthritis and other hand limitations to open packages, containers, bottles and cans. It is designed to accommodate several gripping options and makes it possible for anyone to find a comfortable grasping position.

Benefits of Maddak Universal Opener

  • Hand rest resembles a computer mouse and distributes the pressure on the hand to reduce pain and cramping
  • Soft, flexible T-shaped handle on top allows a person to use the device with little or no gripping strength
  • Blunt v-shaped prong to separate the glue-sealed flaps on pasta, cereal and other dry food boxes
  • Hook to lift pull-tabs on cans and to poke through cellophane sealed food trays

8. Northern Light Technologies Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Dawn Simulator

Northern Light Technologies Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Dawn Simulator is an alarm clock that wakes you naturally, with a sunrise that gradually brightens over 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Light is a signal for your body to ease off production of sleep hormones and increase levels of those that help you get up and go. Also at the end of the day, there is a 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sunset to help you to naturally unwind ready for bed.

Features of North Light Dawn Simulator

  • Provides with dimmable bedside lighting, it has a nightlight feature and a security option that turns the light on while you are away
  • Helps keep your sleep/wake cycle on track and also boost mood, energy and productivity levels for the whole day
  • Several audio features to help start your day feeling brighter or help you relax naturally before sleep
  • Fully dimmable display and 42W halogen bulb E14 (SES) - equivalent to 60W old-style bulb

The list doesn’t end here! We have many more amazing gift products and gift combo ideas, so go check out our amazing collection of gift ideas at HPFY.