Kinetec Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine
Kinetec Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine

Kinetec Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine

Brand/Manufacturer: KINETEC USA
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Kinetec Spectra Essential Knee CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine allows treating all pathologies of the knee. It represents the latest breakthrough in CPM technology. The anatomically correct Knee CPM System increases the patient comfort and decreases the points of pressure. Simplified remote control allows for easy adjustments of the R.O.M. (Range Of Motion), speed and pauses in extension and flexion. Large and clear display gives an immediate feedback, which is always very useful for the motivation of the patient.

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81527514 Essential Knee CPM Machine Each $120.00

Kinetec Spectra CPM Machine

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Screw-drive mechanism
  • Long-life DC motor
  • Lightweight and exceptionally easy to carry
  • Sleek design incorporates dual carry handles
  • Large LCD screner
  • Wide carriage accommodates all patients
  • Broad bearing surface improving stability
  • Offers a quick set-up for enhanced patient comfort
  • Patient lock-out prevents accidental program changes
  • Pause setting allows 15 minutes of rest at flexion or extension
  • Waterproof digital hand control snaps easily into foot support
  • Detachable remote control which facilitates maintenance
  • Exclusive load reserve ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint
  • Site dedicated for storage of the remote control when the knee CPM machine is not used or during transport
  • Patient can stop and reverse the movement at any time
  • Type BF Class II electrical device
  • Designed and manufactured to meet IEC 601.1. and is CE certified
  • Note: Treatment modes are not available on this model

Clinical Benefits:

  • Prevents joint stiffness
  • Breaks the cycle of trauma, inflammation and the loss of range of motion
  • Maintains the quality of the joint surface
  • Speeds the recovery of post-operative range of motion
  • Reduces pain and oedema
  • Reduces hospitalization time
  • Promotes joint cartilage healing
  • Maintains desired positions for stretching and muscular rest
  • Reduces the need for pain medication
  • Provides immediate post-operative continuous passive motion
  • Digital ROM readout on the patient hand control for positive reinforcement

Indications For Use:

  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Arthrolysis
  • Fractures (patellar, tibia plateau, femoral)
  • Ligament repairs
  • Hip surgery, including hip replacement, hip pinning, osteotomy
  • Arthroscopic surgery (menisectomies, patellectomies)
  • Burns, joints sepsis

Parts Description:

Parts Description1. Lower limb support
2. Thigh support
3. Foot support and hand control location for transport
4. Hand control
5. Thigh support setting lock
6. Lower limb support setting lock
7. Foot support positioning setting lock
8. Transport handle
9. ON/OFF switch and fuses

Parts Description10. Liquid-crystal display (2 lines of 16 characters)
11. Increase / decrease keys
12. Extension setting key
13. Flexion setting key
14. Stop key
15. Start key
16. Pause key
17. Speed key

Spectra Essential Knee CPM


  • Bone Cancer
  • Warped joint surfaces
  • Spastic paralysies
  • Unstable fractures
  • Uncontrolled infection

Operating Spectra Essential:

  • Switch on the unit
  • Display comes on, the machine carries out a self-test, and then the Kinetec Spectra Essential is ready to be used
  • Kinetec Spectra is equipped with a Start/Stop/Reverse function
  • Press the Stop key of the hand control and the movement stops
  • Press the Start key of the hand control and the movement starts in the opposite direction
  • To switch power off: press the ON / OFF switch
  • The hand control allows the patient to control the machine as appropriate
  • If the display reads LOCK, you cannot change the parameters and if you try, the display reads LOCK SOFT
  • To unlock the hand control, simultaneously press the same keys, and the display reads UNLOCK
  • Select the parameter to be set: Extension limit or flexion limit or speed or pause at the extension or flexion limit; the setting to change will flash
  • To confirm the new setting, press another function button or wait approximately 5 seconds for automatic confirmation
  • Movement parameters can be set either when the machine is stopped or when it is in operation

Setting Up Patient:

  • Place the Kinetec Spectra Essential machine in a position that will be comfortable for the patient
  • Measure in cm or inches the length of the femur; adjust the thigh support to this measurement using knobs
  • To install the patient on the Kinetec Spectra Essential machine, push the foot plate up to the patient and tighten the knobs
  • Adjust the plantar flexion (40°) or the dorsal flexion (30°) of the foot, with the knobs
  • Adjust the internal (30°) or external (30°) flexion of the foot, with the knob


Range of MotionHyperextension (-10°) to Full Flexion (120°)
Weight26lb (12kg)
Length37" (95cm)
Width13" (33cm)
Height13" (33cm)
Full Leg Size30" to 39" (71cm to 99cm)
Tibia15" to 21" (38cm to 53cm)
Femur13" to 18" (33cm to 46cm)
Speed45°/minute to 155°/minute
Weight Capacity135 kg

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What is the speed range?
Faye - 4/18/2017 7:58:13 AM
answer image
Speed range of Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine is 1 to 5 (from 45 degrees to 155 degrees per minute).
Customer Care - 4/20/2017 6:42:46 AM
question image
What is the Extension and Flexion limit?
Joyce - 4/18/2017 7:56:13 AM
answer image
Extension limit of Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine is -10 to 115 degrees and Flexion limit is -5 to 120 degrees.
Customer Care - 4/20/2017 6:43:11 AM
question image
I bought one these machines used how can I get a manual
rod - 10/3/2016 12:33:54 PM
answer image
Thank you for contacting customer care service. 
Please find User manual given on below link.
Customer Care - 10/4/2016 1:33:39 AM
question image
Good morning,
I wonder which is the voltage of this item.
Thank you very much.
Frank Benitez - 5/21/2016 6:24:34 AM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Voltage: from 100 to 240 Volts 50/60Hz. Electrical power: 20W.
Customer Care - 5/23/2016 12:11:20 AM
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