Covidien Kendall ChemoBloc Vial Venting System
Covidien Kendall ChemoBloc Vial Venting System

Covidien Kendall ChemoBloc Vial Venting System

Brand/Manufacturer: COVIDIEN/MEDTRONIC

Covidien Kendall ChemoBloc Vial Venting System is designed to help prevent aerosolization of chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs into the atmosphere during reconstitution. It filter air to safely remove any aerosolized drugs with the 0.22 micron hydrophobic filter. Luer lock connection insures secure, safe connection to syringe.

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DP5201V Chemo Dispensing Pin 200/Case $25.00


  • Kendall ChemoBloc Vial Venting System is used for reconstituting chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics and other hazardous drugs
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic fluid path that facilitates rapid transfer of solution
  • Needleless system prevents accidental needle sticks
  • Single use only
  • Latex-free

More Information

  • Instructions for use:
    - Remove white screw cap and set to side for future use. Attach syringe to luer lock on Chemobloc vial venting spike. With vial in an upright position, insert chemo spike/syringe into vial in a downward motion.
    - Invert vial and begin to slowly withdraw diluent. Bubbles of sterile air can be seen rising in diluent.
    - When syringe is approximately 1/2 full, eject any unwanted air back into diluent vial. Resume withdrawing until desired volume of diluent is in syringe.
    - Invert vial gain, so that vial is in an upright position. Remove the spike/syringe from vial.
    - Place vial, containing powder chemo drug, in an upright position on a flat surface. Insert syringe/spike in a downward motion.
    - Slowly disperse diluent into vial containing drug concentrate, while maintaining a downward motion.
    - Gently rotate vial, with syringe/spike still attached, to properly mix drug. (Refer to drug manufacturers directions for more specific information on mixing individual drugs.)
    - Invert vial again (so that it is now positioned above syringe) and slowly begin to withdraw reconstituted chemo drug.
    - NOTE: Injecting large amounts of air while holding vial above syringe may wet the hydrophobic filter and hamper venting action.
    - Carefully disconnect syringe from spike/vial. Carefully re-attach white screw cap to top inlet of chemo spike.
    - Discard capped Chemobloc vial venting spike into proper hazardous waste container.
    - Follow manufacturers instructions concerning application of chemo drugs.

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