Centurion Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device
Centurion Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device

Centurion Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device


Centurion Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device secures the catheter tube in place. It eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tube shifting and pulling down when moving around during the day and while sleeping. This Foley catheter securement device is specially designed for maximum patient comfort and safety.

Centurion Foley Anchor Key Points:

  • Fits virtually any size catheter
  • Patient-friendly, gentle adhesive
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Safe and comfortable

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FCS200XT Foley Anchor Securement Device Each $10.65 $5.69

Foley Anchor Catheter Securement Device Features

  • Urinary catheter/drainage line/LVAD driveline securement device
  • Removes the frustration factor often experienced by caregivers and patients attempting to keep a Foley catheter securely in place
  • Stays firmly in place, allowing for easy patient movement
  • Prevents catheter dislodgement
  • Reduces the risk of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection(CAUTI)
  • Long wear time reduces nursing time
  • Safe and comfortable catheter accessory
  • Prevents catheter movement and discomfort from tugging

Centurion Foley Anchor User Guide

How to use Foley Anchor Catheter Holder?

Application Instructions:
  • Cleanse and de-grease adequate surface area larger than the surface area of the Foley Anchor with Alcohol Prep or per hospital protocol. Allow to dry completely.
  • Optional: Apply Skin Protectant Prep according to package directions. Allow to dry completely.

Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device  A. Position Foley Anchor urinary catheter securement device under catheter at the desired location (Figure A).
Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device  B. Locate arrow on the base of the device. Holding catheter in place, pull tab on opposite side from arrow out to create an opening in the slit. Push the tab next to arrow into this opening (Figure B).
Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device  C. Grasp both tabs and pull them in opposite directions until the first tab pulls completely through the slit and locks into place (Figure C).
Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device  D. While holding the catheter in place, peel off one side of the paper backing. Press to adhere to the skin (Figure D). Repeat on another side.
Foley Anchor Urinary Catheter Securement Device  E. Optional: Position Foley Anchor catheter holder at the access valve side of the tubing bifurcation (Figure E).

Removal Instructions:
  • While pulling gently on tab closest to arrow, push the opposing tab through the slit, reversing the application process.
  • If desired, Alcohol may be used to help break down the adhesive.
  • Peel the device slowly off the skin.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Am helping a family member, who is having to deal with a probable long term suprapubic cath. He is an active person. Would this device work for securing a suprapubic foley cath to abdomen? What is the full measurement of tap, side to side and does it just fit certain sizes and how long can it be worn before it would have to be changed.  He would wear no bag it has a plug at the end
mary mcgrath - 2/16/2017 4:53:16 AM
answer image
Designed for maximum patient comfort and safety, the Centurion Foley Anchor is a urinary catheter securement device. It fits virtually any size catheter and long wear time reduces nursing time. 
Please refer below link for Instructions on how to use Catheter Securement Device.
Customer Care - 2/17/2017 1:20:54 AM
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