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What are Canes and Crutches?

Canes and crutches provide stability and independence to people who need assistance in ambulation on a short or long-term basis. In return, one needs to care for these mobility aids to make the most of them. One should replace the parts like treads and tips once they start wearing off.

Canes and Crutches accessories at Health Products For You are designed to go with all canes and crutches to make them more user-friendly. These are compatible with most models of canes and crutches and provide ease in performing daily chores.

At HPFY, we offer a wide array of accessories and replacement parts, including replacement tips and pads, cane attachments, base, holders, varied hand grips, forearm cuffs, trays, and a whole lot of cane tips.

Check out our range of crutch covers, attractively designed to cover both the underarm and handgrip portions of standard crutches. The storage racks are exclusive compact and spacious. All HPFY cane and crutches accessories are ergonomically manufactured by our top manufacturers such as Medline Industries, Drive Medical, and Carex, to name a few.

Crutch Accessories at HPFY

Arm and handgrip pads

Moving around on crutches can take a toll on the armpits and the hands with constant friction. The user feels pain over long-term use. Covering them with towels and other soft fabrics do not ease the pain and discomfort as these do not fit well.

Crutch pads have been specially made to provide ultimate comfort to the user. The pads are made from gel, foam, or sheepskin. Sheepskin provides superior comfort to the user, reduces skin sheer, and also allows greater air circulation. Some pads cover the underarm portion only, whereas some are available covering the underarm and handgrip portions of standard crutches.

Essential Medical Sheepette Arm and Grip Crutch Covers Set, manufactured from synthetic lambskin increases user comfort with a dense, heavyweight material that distributes pressure evenly over an area. We also have replacement pads designed with thick cushioning foam for extra comfort like the Cardinal Health Replacement Crutch Pad.

Crutch bags

Crutch bags provide an ideal storage solution while you are on crutches. They have multiple pockets to carry essential items like cellphones, keys, wallets, water bottles, etc.

Crutch storage bags are normally attached to the underarm or hand grip of the crutch for flexibility and ease of use.

Ez-Access Universal Crutch Carryon keeps essential items handy without interfering with mobility.

Crutch Storage Rack

Crutch storage racks have been developed to store crutches in places such as hospitals, physician's offices, physical therapy facilities, shops, and more. These wall-mounted racks create more storage space and reduce tripping hazards.

Ideal Universal Crutch Storage Rack is a sturdy, wall-mounted, heavy-duty storage rack, which stores crutches, canes, walkers, and rolls.

Crutch Tips

Crutch tips provide stability and grip on the floor surfaces and also protect the floor from scratches. The tips are skid-resistant and prevent falls. Over time, the tips wear out, making your mobility aid unsafe. Replace the broken or damaged tips promptly for your safety. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles and fit most crutches.

Cane Accessories

Cane Holder

A cane holder is a small plastic fitting attached to a cane to secure it on a table or any flat surface when not in use. The slip-resistant foam disks on either side of the holder protect the surface of the furniture. The holder easily attaches to most canes. Complete Medical Cane Holder allows cane to lean on the table.

Ice Grip Attachment

Ice grip attachment is designed to help prevent falls and promote safe walking on snow or ice. Its bottom features five steel teeth that bite into the snow and assure a solid grip. When it is not needed, just flip it up and out of the way. It attaches easily to most canes with only two screws. This tip is useful for people who live in colder climates. Mabis DMI 5-Prong Ice Grip Cane Attachment helps safe walking on ice and snow.

Flashlight for Cane 

  • Flashlight attachment easily clips onto a cane and lights the path of mobility device users. It provides added safety and security to the user during night. It is adjustable and can be angled in whatever direction required.
  • Ergoactives LightBaum - Adjustable LED Flashlight for Mobility Devices is a convenient mini flashlight that mounts onto any mobility device such as canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Where to buy Canes and Crutches Accessories online?

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of accessories and replacement parts for canes and crutches from reputable manufacturers like Complete Medical Supplies, Mabis DMI Healthcare, and many more.

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