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Those who sit for a long time in wheelchairs might suffer from pressure ulcers and reduced blood rotation. To prevent this problem, an Air Cushion can be used. Air wheelchair cushion is used to help distribute the weight of the user more evenly across the cushion, reducing the risk of pressure sores and skin breakdown. It consists of chambers inflated with air to fit each individual. Air can travel between sections, which allows the cushion to contour to the user as they move or be locked in individual chambers to provide specific pressure relief to specific areas. Air cushion provides good pressure distribution to each user when properly inflated and need to be checked regularly to ensure appropriate inflation levels and allow proper immersion while sitting. HPFY offers inflatable seat cushions from top manufacturers like The Roho Group, The Comfort Company, Skil Care Corp, and many others.

Benefits of using Air Cushion

Buying Guide for Air Wheelchair Cushions

  1. Height - Inflatable seat cushion height should be appropriate so that the patient's legs properly rest on the footplate and do not hang in mid-air. Lower height also allows easy transfers from bed or chair.
  2. Breathability - Body temperature and moisture may negatively affect the skin. Make Sure to buy breathable seat cushions that allow good airflow for comfort and safety.
  3. Non-slippery - People with limited mobility use wheelchairs, requiring a firm grip on their seats for longer sitting. Make sure to get a wheelchair seat cushion that is non-slippery, has a firm grip, and allows safe sitting.

What is the Best Air Cushion for Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are used for a longer time in the day; wheelchair accessories like air cushions make this time more comfortable and restful. Here are HPFY's top-reviewed wheelchair cushions-

  1. EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion:

    EHOB Waffle Cushion provides comfort alongside treating and preventing pressure ulcers. It is constructed of antimicrobial vinyl. Its air-venting holes allow heat and moisture to dissipate quickly for enhanced comfort. Low profile design, easy to transport and clean.

  2. ROHO High Profile Single Compartment Cushion:

    ROHO high profile single, compartment air seat cushion provides an optimal environment for individuals with skin/soft tissue integrity issues. It is lightweight, easy to clean with soap and water, and can be patched or repaired to extend its use.

  3. ROHO LTV Seat Cushion With Quilted Fabric Cover:

    ROHO LTV allows air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber and distribute body weight pressure. This ROHO cushion is lightweight, easy to fold, and easily transported from your car to the scooter or wherever you may need an air cushion for use outside of a wheelchair.

  4. ROHO Enhancer Cushion:

    ROHO Enhancer has a unique two-manifold system designed to position uniquely for enhanced midline channeling, stability, and skin/soft tissue protection. It is made of soft and pliable material, providing maximum pressure distribution by allowing immersion into the ROHO cushion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does an air seat cushion work?

    Air cushions distribute pressure more evenly across the seating surface, which can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores and skin breakdown. They also provide a cushioned and comfortable seating surface.
  2. Who can benefit from using air wheelchair cushions?

    Individuals who use wheelchairs for extended periods of time, particularly those who may be at risk of developing pressure sores or discomfort from prolonged sitting, can benefit from using an air cushion. They can also be used by individuals who have limited mobility and require a comfortable and supportive seating surface.
  3. What is the difference between gel and air cushions?

    Gel Cushions for Wheelchairs are best for regulating body temperatures and reducing the buildup of moisture. While air cushions are best for advanced pressure management and all-day comfort with a cool and dry surface.

Where to buy Inflatable Seat Cushion Online?

HPFY offers a variety of air flotation cushions from manufacturers like Star Cushion Products Inc., Dynarex Corporation, and others to benefit those who are at risk of developing pressure sores. If properly inflated, these air cushions provide good pressure distribution. Multiple interconnected air cells adjust as the patient moves, giving optimum comfort and support.

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