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Water and Gel Wheelchair Cushions At HPFY

For people who use wheelchairs and spend most of the time on wheelchairs, cushions are of paramount importance. It would help if you were comfortable in the wheelchair, and the pillow allows you to sit upright easily and comfortably. A gel wheelchair cushion typically consists of a gel placed into individual pouches and encased in a foam cushion. Gel cushions for wheelchairs are designed to provide exceptional pressure distribution because of viscous gel pouches attached to a high-density foam base, which distributes pressure uniformly, allowing the cushion surface to conform to the user. The blended gel bladders prevent moderate-to-high skin breakdown and promote blood circulation. These pressure cushions for wheelchairs regulate the body's temperature and disallow forward sliding, thereby preventing shear force. Hydrostatic buoyancy of these cushions acts like an extra layer of semi-stable fatty tissue reducing ischial and trochanter pressure while the unique gel core reduces skin temperature. The pillow comes with a removable cover with zipper closure.

We at Health Products For You offer different sizes of gel cushions, including bariatric or heavy-duty cushions. Shop with us and buy one which suits your requirement.

Benefits of Gel and Water Cushion for Wheelchairs

  • The gel sheet provides exceptional pressure relief from stress points.
  • The cushion provides enhanced sitting stability and positioning.
  • The water-filled cushions promote regulated body temperature preventing sweaty skin.
  • Distributes pressure evenly as it has a corrugated gel pad.
  • Hassle-free use as there is no requirement for inflation or adjustment.
  • The gel wheelchair cushions for pressure sores prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers.
  • These cushions can slide laterally to minimize the force exerted while sitting.
  • Water cushions and gel cushions safeguard the bony prominences effectively.
  • These seat relief fatigues.
  • They are great for travel purposes, as the handles facilitate easy carrying.
  • Cushions filled with gel and water are durable.
  • They are ideal for a bariatric wheelchair as it has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.

Points to keep in mind while buying a Gel Cushion for Pressure Sores


Gel cushions come in different sizes, and it is advised to buy a water-filled pillow that fits correctly into your wheelchair, not too big or too small. We recommend you should take accurate measurements before going ahead to purchase one.


Another important factor which you should consider is the body type of the individual. Select the right cushion for the individual's weight category. Bariatric cushions are also available.


Some gel cushions are flat, and others come with a contoured design. If the person sits for prolonged periods and cannot move the body freely, then a contoured cushion is ideal as the flat pillow is not enough to provide support and comfort. The contoured ergonomic design of the cushion also maintains stability, comfort, and position for the seated person.


Covers are crucial to keep the cushion clean. If the pillows are provided with washable covers, then the maintenance becomes easy. Some individuals may have issues like incontinence or heavy perspiration. So, the cushion cover should be made of breathable fabric and should be water-resistant.

Best Gel-Filled Cushions For Pressure Ulcers

Where to buy Gel Pads Online?

Health Products For You offers a huge range of gel cushions from top manufacturers like the Skil Care Corp, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Medline Industries, and many more.

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