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Systagenix Promogran Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing

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Promogran Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing is a sterile, single-use wound dressing made from a matrix of 55% collagen, 44% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC), and 1% silver-ORC. The collagen in the dressing helps to promote wound healing by providing a scaffold for new tissue growth. The ORC absorbs excess wound fluid and helps to create a moist wound-healing environment. The silver in the dressing provides antimicrobial activity to help protect against infection.

Promogran Prisma Dressing Benefits

  • Helps to "kick start" the healing process
  • Soft and conforms to the wound and skin
  • Provides protection from infection
  • Designed for open and exuding wounds


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Promogran Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing Features

  • Promotes wound healing: It is designed to kick-start the healing process while providing protection from infection
  • Absorbs excess wound fluid: The ORC in the dressing absorbs excess wound fluid, helping to keep the wound surface moist and preventing it from drying out. This is important for wound healing, as a moist wound healing environment is ideal for new tissue growth
  • Creates a moist wound healing environment: The ORC in the dressing helps to create a moist wound healing environment, which is ideal for new tissue growth. A moist wound healing environment is also less painful than a dry wound healing environment
  • Provides antimicrobial activity: Silver in the dressing provides antimicrobial activity to help protect against infection. This is important for wound healing, as infection can slow down the healing process
  • Can be used under compression therapy: Compression therapy can help to improve blood flow to the wound, which can also help to speed up the healing process

What is Prisma Wound Dressing used for?

Under the supervision of a healthcare professional, Promogran Dressing can be used for the management of:

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies
  • Full-thickness and partial thickness wounds
  • Donor sites and other bleeding surface wounds
  • Abrasions
  • Traumatic wounds healing by secondary intention
  • Dehisced surgical wounds

How does Prisma Dressing work?

Prisma for Wounds is a sterile, freeze-dried composite of collagen, silver-ORC, and oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC).

Optimum Wound Environment

Promogran Prisma Matrix transforms into a soft, conformable, biodegradable gel in the presence of exudate, allowing contact with all areas of the wound. A moist micro-environment is maintained at the wound surface, which is conducive to epithelialization, granulation tissue formation, and optimal wound healing.

Role Of Silver in Promogran Prisma Matrix

Silver-ORC is said to be comprised of 25% w/w ionically bound silver, which is a well-known antimicrobial agent. Systagenix Prisma dressing in silver provides an effective antimicrobial barrier that helps in reduction of bacterial development with common wound pathogens such as, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Eschericia coli, and Streptococcus pyogenes. Reduction of bacterial bioburden in the dressing may result in reduced risk of infection.

What is ORC?

Cellulose is a major component of all plants. Once oxidized, ORC (Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose) is completely bioresorbable and readily degrades through fluid absorption and subsequent gelling.

Tissue Repair
Tissue Repair

Cell Growth
Cell Development

Control Bacterial Growth
Control Bacteria Development


Promogran Prisma User Guide

Frequently Bought Together

How to use Prisma Dressing?

  • Before application, necrotic tissue must first be removed by debridement.
  • Apply Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing directly to the whole wound bed for optimal effect.
  • For a wound with low or no exudate, apply Prisma Wound Dressing and hydrate with saline solution. This will initiate the transformation of the Promogran Prisma Matrix into a gel.
  • After hydration, the Promogran Prisma gel will come in contact with the wound surface. The biodegradable Promogran Prisma Matrix gel is naturally absorbed into the body over time.
  • In order to maintain a moist wound healing environment, Promogran Prisma Dressing must be covered with a semi-occlusive dressing (e.g., Bioclusive Transparent Dressing, Tielle or Tielle Plus Hydropolymer Dressings) or a non-occlusive secondary dressing and fixed to the skin with a non-irritating tape.
  • After initial application, re-apply Prisma Collagen Dressing to the wound daily as per physician recommendation.
  • It is not necessary to remove any residual Prisma Dressing during dressing changes.

Prisma for Wounds Instructions

  • Promogran Prisma Matrix Wound Dressing should be stored away from direct light.
  • Over-exposure to light may cause some discoloration. However, this does not affect the release of silver from the dressing.
  • Store below 25 degrees C / 77 degrees F.

What does it contain?

  • 44% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC)
  • 55% collagen
  • 1% silver-ORC, which contains 25% w/w ionically bound silver


  • Only when proper medical treatment addresses the underlying cause, Prisma Dressing may be used when visible signs of infection are present in the wound.
  • It is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate treatment of infection.
  • Healthcare professionals/clinicians should be aware that very limited data is available on prolonged and repeated use of silver-containing dressings, particularly in children and neonates.


  • Patients with known sensitivity to silver, ORC, or collagen
  • Third-degree burns

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should the dressing be changed?

A new matrix should be applied every 72 hours unless otherwise directed by a medical professional.

Can this dressing be used on an infected wound?

Only if proper medical treatment has been applied to the cause of infection.

What is the difference between Silver-ORC and Silver Ag in a dressing?

Silver-ORC is designed to promote granulation tissue development and stimulate wound healing while also providing protection against infection1. Silver Ag protects against infection but does not promote tissue development.

How long does it take Prisma Dressing to work?

Improvement was determined as a 50% reduction (or greater) in wound area by 12 weeks. Of the wounds that improved or healed in the 12-week period (63%), the response was greater in wounds of less than 6 months (87%).

Prisma for Wounds Reviews


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