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Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss And Alternating Pressure Mattress System

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Item #: 80060
80", Pump System and Without Raised Rail
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84", Pump System and Without Raised Rail
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80", With Raised Rail
Item #: 80067
84", With Raised Rail

Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss And Alternating Pressure Mattress System is the preferred choice by clinicians treating stage I to IV pressure ulcers. The combination of low air loss and alternating pressure therapies provide an unparalleled pressure redistribution surface. In static mode, the mattress provides a firm surface that makes it easier for the patient to transfer or reposition. The static mode prevents the patient from bottoming out when in a sitting position. It is suitable for medium and high-risk pressure ulcer treatment.

Why choose Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss And Alternating Pressure Mattress System?

  • Reduces the incidence of the pressure ulcer
  • High-quality mattress system
  • Designed for prevention of bedsores
  • Offers an affordable solution to 24 hours of pressure area care
  • Tested and certified for the CE, FDA Standards

Features of Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Mattress System

  • Provides patient comfort
  • Provides individual homecare setting and long-term care
  • Provides Pain management as prescribed by physicians

Protekt Aire 6000 Pump Features:

  • Dual therapies; low air loss and alternating pressure
  • 4 alternating cycles 10, 15, 20 & 25 minutes allows clinicians to customize therapy
  • Seat-inflate feature helps protect the patient when they are in the fowler position
  • Auto firm mode for quick inflation
  • Static mode provides a firm support for egress or ingress from mattress or side edge seating
  • 3 audible and visual alarms; low pressure, power failure and alternating failure

Proactive Mattress and Cover Features:

  • Unique cell-on-cell design ensures that the mattress will hold air in the lower cells in the event of a power failure
  • 18 laser holes keep the patient cool and dry
  • Nylon top cover is fluid-resistant and quilted for added comfort
  • Pillow top feature prevents the head and neck from unnecessary movement during the alternating mode
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs

What to buy with Alternating Pressure Mattress System

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Functions of Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 6000

  1. Pump: The functions of the Protekt Aire 6000 pump are described below.
    • Power Switch(1): The switch is at the right side of the pump. Turn ON/OFF the power and press the Power button on the panel, the pump will start/stop operation.
    • Press Cycle Time(2): The cycle time is selectable from the panel. The cycle time value can be either 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes.
    • Press Pressure Range(3): 20-55mmHg is offered from the panel, providing options of pressure value by easy press
    • Alarm Mute(4): The audible/visible alarm turns on when low pressure, power failure or alternate failure. To mute the audible alarm, press the Alarm Mute button. The visible alarm indicator will flash till the problem solved. Re-press the Alarm Mute button to reactivate the alarm.
    • Alternate mode(5): Press to set the air mattress in alternate mode
    • Static mode(6): Press to set the air mattress in static mode
    • Max Firm(7): Press to set the air mattress in quick inflation mode, which facilitates nursing and caring
    • Seat Inflate(8): Press to set the air mattress in seat inflate+alternate or seat inflate+static mode, pressure value will increase by 5mmHg, which facilitates seating. Under max firm mode, keep max pressure of 55mmHg, no more 5mmHg increased.
    • Lock button(9): Manual: press lock button for 3 seconds to lock the panel, press again for 3 seconds to unlock the panel
  2. Mattress: The Protekt Aire 6000 pump comes with cell type mattress of different materials (Nylon PVC, TPUor PU)

Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss And Alternating Pressure Mattress System

How to install Protekt Aire 6000 Pump and Mattress?

  1. Place the mattress flat on the bed frame. The inflation tube should be towards the foot end. The foot end is also indicated with a picture of foot prints.
  2. Cover the mattress system with a cotton sheet to avoid direct skin contact and reduce friction
  3. Hang the pump unit on the footboard of the foot end of the bed frame and make sure it is stable
  4. Connect the inflation tubes from the mattress to the pump's inflating nozzles. Make sure they are properly attached.
    Note: Make sure the air hoses are not kinked or tucked under the mattress. Also, check to ensure the CPR valve is properly attached.
  5. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet with grounded AC power. This product should be grounded. The power cord has a grounding wire with a grounding pin. This three-wire plug must be plugged properly into an outlet and grounded as shown in the figures in the Grounding Instructions section.
    Note: Before inserting the plug into the outlet, make sure the voltage is compatible.
  6. Turn on the power by pressing the power switch at the right side of the unit. Proceed to the Operation section.
  7. Make sure to disconnect the pump unit by unplugging the power cord when it is not in use

Protekt Aire 6000 Mattress System

Protekt Aire 6000 Mattress System User Manual

Proactive Medical Mattress System Cleaning Instructions

How to clean Protekt Aire 6000 Pump?

  • The cleaning task is required at least once a week to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Do not immerse or soak the pump in any water or fluids
  • Check for external damage and move the pump to the cleaning area
  • Place the pump on a work surface and spray or wipe the outside of the case with quaternary ammonium solution
  • DO NOT spray any cleaning solution directly on the surface of the pump
  • DO NOT use a Hypocarbonate or Phenolic based cleaning solution as this may cause damage to the case. Allow the solution to incubate for 10 minutes or accordingly as stated by the cleaning product instructions.
  • Wipe case with a clean cloth. Make sure all areas are clean (top and bottom, both sides).
  • Spray cloth with cleaning solution and clean faceplate. Do not allow excess cleaning solution on the faceplate or control panel. (If solution gets inside, the damage will occur.) Allow the surface to thoroughly dry after cleaning
  • After the pump is thoroughly cleaned and dried, proceed to plug in the pump and test to see if it runs normally
  • Unplug the pump and store with proper identification tag
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight

How to clean Proactive Medical Mattress?

  • Brush off or wipe down all surfaces of the cover sheet with soap and water before wetting with any liquid disinfectant
  • Any obvious blood spots should be wet thoroughly with 1:9 Hypochlorite solutions (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) and allow drying for at least 10 minutes. Then blot with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Unzip the top cover from the mattress
  • Brush or wipe down all surfaces with soap and water before applying any liquid
  • Covers are immersed and soaked in disinfectant for the required incubation time
  • After pre-soaking, the cover is rinsed through a regular cycle in a washer with no soap then laundered with mild detergent (wash temperature 93°F, rinse temperature 78°F or on the coldest setting).
  • Covers are aerated until they are fully dry. (Drying temperature range 90-120°F or on the coldest setting.)
  • The air cells are unsnapped from one side and are sprayed on all sides with a disinfectant. Let it sit for the required incubation time and wipe down with a clean cloth. (Make sure to disconnect all the air cells, one by one, and spray the disinfectant on all sides, including all the connecting tubes and hoses. Let it sit for least 10 minutes. )
  • If there is a base after you remove all the air cells, the base has to be sprayed down with the disinfectant, inside and outside. Let it sit for the required incubation time and wipe down with a cloth.
  • Repeat the process with the tubing set: spray, incubate, and then wipe clean
  • The carrying bag should be turned inside out and completely wiped down using the disinfectant solution. Allow it to thoroughly air dry. Once the inside is dry, turn it back: wipe down the outside of the bag with disinfectant.
  • Dry the mattress on a flat surface area after cleaning, away from exposure to the sun
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight

Specifications of Protekt Aire 6000 Mattress System


Particulars Specifications
Size 80" (L) x 35" (W) x 8" (H)
Air Cells Nylon/PVC (8" cell on cell construction with 5" upper layer alternating and 3" lower layer static)
Base Nylon / PVC with non skid bottom
Air Cells 20 air cells



Particulars Specifications
Power Supply 110V/60Hz, 1A
Air Output  =7 liter/min.
Pressure Range 20-70 mmHg
Cycle Time: 10/15/20/25 min.
Size 11" (L) x 8" (W) x 5" (H)
Weight 5.5 lbs


Protekt Aire 6000 Warranty

18 months warranty

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