Bard Nasogastric Sump Tube With Prevent Anti Reflux Filter
Bard Nasogastric Sump Tube With Prevent Anti Reflux Filter

Bard Nasogastric Sump Tube With Prevent Anti Reflux Filter

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD INC

Bard Nasogastric Sump Tube With Prevent Anti Reflux Filter is a dual-lumen nasogastric tube that is designed to suction fluid and air from the stomach without damaging the gastric mucosa. It is used for nasogastric feeding of neonates, infants and adults. The two-way anti-reflux filter allows stomach decompression and allows clinicians to see contained gastric secretions in the vent lumen.

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46140 14FR, 48" Long Each $0.12
46140 14FR, 48" Long 50/Case $5.50
46160 16FR, 48" Long Each $0.11
46160 16FR, 48" Long 50/Case $4.51
46180 18FR, 48" Long Each $0.11
46180 18FR, 48" Long 50/Case $4.51


  • Bard Nasogastric Sump Tube With Prevent Anti Reflux Filter is latex-free, sterile and for single use
  • Prevent anti-reflux filter alerts the clinician to take appropriate action
  • With the prevent anti-reflux filter, gases can escape and ambient air can enter for proper sumping
  • Hydrophobic filter contains gastric fluid reflux preventing clinician contact with gastric secretions
  • Reflux can be cleared from the vent lumen without removing the filter by injecting air through a luer lock syringe
  • Also available (separately):
    - Bard Standard Nasogastric Sump Tube (Code 0042100)

More Information

  • Patient protection:
    - Visualization of gastric secretions in the vent lumen per mits detection of NG tube obstruction
    - Unique hydrophobic filter provides two-way airflow, allowing stomach gases to exit vent lumen if main lumen becomes clogged
  • Gastric Reflux: If gastric secretions are visible in the vent lumen, this indicates that there is an obstruction to the flow of gastric fluid in the main lumen nasogastric sump tube, and that intervention is required. To clear the obstruction in the main lumen, follow your hospitals standard protocol.
    - After obstruction has been cleared, attach a syringe to the luer lock connector on the Prevent filter
    - Inject a minimum of 15cc of air directly through the Prevent filter (Do not inject fluid through filter)
    - This will clear the filter and the vent lumen of gastric fluids and ensure the vent lumen is sumping properly
  • Set-Up:
    - Place the nasogastric tube with Prevent filter following standard hospital protocol
    - After the tube has been inserted into the patient, fit the 5-in-1 adapter snugly into the suction lumen to prevent suction loss
    - Attach the nasogastric sump tube to suction
    - Always use the lowest suction setting that will effectively decompress the patients stomach
    - Check that the vent lumen pigtail is raised above the level of the patients stomach
  • Transport:
    - When the suction lumen is not utilized, for example during patient transport, insert the integ ral plug into the main suction lumen
    - This has the added benefit of providing convenient closure of the nasogastric sump tube

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