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3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing

brand: 3M
3M Healthcare Tegaderm Dressing 3M Tegaderm Latex-Free Hydrocolloid Dressing Sacral 3M Tegaderm Sterile Hydrocolloid Dressing - 90001

3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing is water-resistant film border adheres firmly. Ideal for low to moderate draining wounds. Significantly higher absorbency than leading hydrocolloid at 48 hours. Its smooth outer surface helps reduce the risk of shear and friction. Breathable outer film layer provides a consistently high rate of moisture vapor transmission. It maintains an optimal moist wound environment which has been shown to enhance healing. Available in oval, square and sacral shapes.

4 Reasons to buy Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressings by 3M

  1. Protects wound from contaminants and bacteria
  2. Sterile
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Waterproof

Why Choose 3M Healthcare Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings?

Ideal for Low to Moderate Draining Wounds

  • Proven up to 7 day wear time provides undisturbed moist wound environment which has been shown to enhance healing
  • Adhesive dressings continue to adhere and protect the wound in the presence of incontinence
  • Smooth outer surface helps reduce the risk of shear and friction
  • Long wear time means less dressing changes and potentially lower costs

Protection from Contaminants

  • Provides a consistently high moisture vapor transmission to reduce the potential for periwound skin maceration
  • Outer film barrier protects the wound and surrounding skin from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria and viruses

Comfort for Patients

  • These hydrocolloid dressing provide excellent patient comfort, dressing adherence and wound management
  • Flexible, conformable, low-profile dressings are comfortable because there is less bulk to catch on bed linens
  • Water-resistant film border adheres firmly
  • With film dressing border, there is less likelihood of edge lift
  • Water resistance allows the patient to shower or to have a bed bath

Clinically Effective

  • Smooth outer surface helps protect skin from shearing caused by friction, may be used to help prevent damage to intact skin
  • Hydrocolloid adhesive absorbs exudates without breaking down or leaving residue in the wound for easier dressing application
  • May be worn up to 7 days

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

  • Available in three convenient shapes - oval, sacral and square
  • Oval and sacral shapes have a film border, which eliminates the need for tape and makes dressing application easier

Maximize Sacral Protection

  • Sacral shape stays in place
  • Easy to wipe off after incontinent episodes
  • Provides non-tenting border application in the gluteal cleft to seal against incontinence
  • Convenient one-handed application
  • Reduced need for unnecessary dressing changes

When to use Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressings?

  • Partial- and full-thickness dermal ulcers
  • Superficial wounds and abrasions
  • Superficial and partial-thickness burns
  • Donor sites

What to buy with 3M Tegaderm Wound Dressings

How to use 3M Hydrocolloid Dressing?

Dressing Selection:

Evaluate the wound and select the dressing size to allow 2.5 cm (1 inch) of the hydrocolloid adhesive to extend beyond the wound edge

Site Preparation:

  1. Clip excess hair for patient comfort
  2. Clean the skin and the wound thoroughly, according to your facility or agency protocol
  3. Allow the skin to dry before applying the dressing
  4. If the patient skin is easily damaged or if drainage is expected to go beyond the wound edge, 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film may be applied

Application Instructions for Oval Dressing:

  1. Remove the paper liner from the dressing by lifting and pulling one of the square end tabs marked "1", exposing the adhesive surface. Minimize contact with the border or the adhesive (bottom) side of the dressing
  2. Center the dressing over the wound. Press the adhesive (bottom) side down, and press from the center outward. Avoid stretching the dressing or the skin
  3. Press down and smooth the film edges to ensure good adhesion
  4. Remove the top delivery film by lifting and pulling one of the center tabs marked "2" toward the edge of the dressing. Smooth down the dressing edges as you are removing the film. Remove the other side of the top film in the same way
  5. Gently tear off the square end tabs marked "1" at the perforations in a downward direction and discard. Avoid lifting the film edge while removing the tabs. Secure the entire film edge by pressing firmly
    Note: The dressing should be changed if it is leaking, falling off, or has been on the wound for seven days

Application Instructions for Square Dressing:

  1. Remove the top liner from the back of the dressing
  2. Peel the dressing from its paper liner, minimizing contact with the dressing adhesive surface
  3. Center the dressing over the wound
  4. Gently press the adhesive side down, and press from the center outward.
  5. Avoid stretching the dressing or the skin
  6. Place tape around the edges of the dressing, pressing the tape firmly
    Note: Tegaderm dressing can be custom cut before removing its top liner

Application Instructions for Hydrocolloid Sacral Dressing:

  1. Before removing the printed liner, fold the dressing in half
  2. Hold the tabs together. Remove the printed liner on one side of the dressing until the adhesive (bottom) is exposed
  3. Continue to remove the printed liner from the other side until the adhesive surface is completely exposed
  4. While still holding both tabs, position the dressing over the wound, tilting the dressing toward the anal area. Spread the buttocks to get better placement. Secure the dressing notch in the anal region first. This will minimize chances of incontinence contamination or wrinkling.
  5. Gently press the adhesive side of the dressing down from the center outward. Avoid stretching the dressing or the skin
  6. Remove the dressing frame, starting at the top and pulling down. Do not lift the film edge. Reinforce and smooth the dressing from the center outward. Repeat until all sections of the frame are removed.
    Note: The dressing should be changed if it is leaking, falling off, or has been on the wound for seven days

Removing the Dressing:

  1. Carefully lift the dressing edges from the skin. If there is difficulty lifting the dressing, apply tape to the edge of the dressing and use the tape to lift.
  2. Continue lifting the edges until all are free from the skin surface
  3. Remove the dressing slowly, folding it over itself. Pull carefully in the direction of hair growth.
    Note: It is not unusual for wounds to have an odor. This may be noticed when the dressing is removed or when leakage occurs. The odor should disappear after the wound is cleaned.


  • Treatment of any skin ulcer should be part of a well-defined plan for ulcer management and under the supervision of a health care professional
  • When using Tegaderm Dressings, the wound initially appears larger in size and depth as unnecessary tissue is cleaned away. This increase should be accompanied by an improved appearance of the wound. If the wound gets larger after the first few dressing changes, see a health care professional.
  • Observe the wound for signs of infection. If infection occurs, the signs of which may be fever, increased pain, redness, bleeding, swelling, or an unusual odor or discharge see a health care professional. Hydrocolloid Dressings may be used on infected wounds only under the care of a health care professional.
  • Rarely, irritation (reddening, inflammation), maceration (whitening of the skin), or hypergranulation (excessive tissue formation) may develop in some wounds under hydrocolloid dressings. Should these occur, consult a health care professional.
  • If the wound does not begin to show signs of healing or if any other unexpected symptoms occur, consult a health care professional

3M Hydrocolloid Dressings User Manuals

3M Non-Latex Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings Spcifications


Shape Gel Pad Size

Dressing Size


Oval 2.75 in x 3.5 in (7 cm x 9 cm)

4 in x 4.75 in (10 cm x 12 cm)*


Oval 4 in x 4.75 in (10 cm x 12 cm)

5.25 in x 6 in (13 cm x 15 cm)*


Oval 5.5 in x 6.75 in (14 cm x 17 cm)

6.75 in x 7.75 in (17 cm x 20 cm)*


Square 4 in x 4 in (10 cm x 10 cm)



Square 6 in x 6 in (15 cm x 15 cm)



Sacral -

6.75 in x 6.37 in 17,1 cm x 16,1 cm**

Dimensions of entire dressing, including hydrocolloid and film backing
Dimensions of entire dressing, including hydrocolloid and border

3M Sterile Hydrocolloid Dressing Reviews


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