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What is Suction Therapy?

Suction Therapy is a type of technique used to remove saliva, thick mucus and other secretions from the mouth, trachea or the lower airway that the patient is unable to clear by himself. Suctioning is usually done after respiratory treatments, or in the morning and before sleeping in case of a tracheostomy. Suctioning does not any pain under normal circumstances. The patient might feel short of breath for a while and might cough, but otherwise it should not cause any problem. Also, suctioning may be required in case the patient:

  • Has a moist cough that cannot clear secretions
  • Is unable to clear secretions from the throat by himself
  • Is having breathing issues or feel clogged due to mucus and secretions
  • Suction Machines/Aspirators

We also offer accessories like collection jars, tubing connectors, regulators and bacteria filters from top brands like AirLife, Medi-Vac, Cath N Sleeve, and Schuco and many more for use at home or in medical facilities.

What equipments are required for Suction Therapy?

Suction Aspirators

Suction machines for saliva are medical equipment that are basically used to extract mucus and other fluids from the mouth of an individual. HPFY offers an extensive range of aspirators is perfect for patients with a tracheotomy. Durable, high-performance aspirators make tracheostomy care convenient and hassle free. Aspirators produce vacuums in a constricted stream of bodily fluids to remove them.

Suction Catheters

Suction catheters are used to extract secretions from the airways. A suction catheter often connects to a collection canister or an aspirator to collect fluids. The catheter is connected to the tracheostomy tube to extract secretions directly from the airway.


A yankauer is a tube that is used in the mouth to suck saliva and other fluids. The large lumens of yankauers are designed to provide rapid aspiration thereby resisting clogging. Features of a yankauer:

  • Sturdy shatter-resistant construction
  • Can be used for retraction
  • Transparency for clear view of fluids
  • Single use  
  • Sterile to prevent cross contamination
  • Reduced chances for tissue grab with side eyes

Where can I buy Oral Suctioning Equipments?

At Health Products For You, we have best quality suctioning machines and other oral suctioning equipment from different brands like Kendall. Browse our range of suction therapy products and be sure to find the right product that suits your requirements. We deliver high quality suction therapy accessories and products at best prices.

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