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It is utmost crucial in wound care to cleanse and protect the skin surrounding the wound or stoma opening to avoid the risk of skin breakdown, infection or irritation. Skin protective barrier wipes, cleansing towelettes and adhesive removers help to keep the skin clean and healthy. They are used mostly in preparing the skin for dressing or application of appliances. Skin protective wipes are used to protect the skin where frequent application and removal of adhesive is required. Adhesive remover wipes help in removing the residual adhesive from the skin which is left after a dressing is removed. Cleansing towelettes are sterile wipes, used for cleaning cuts, scrapes, abrasions and the skin surrounding the wound. These products have a very important role to play in the wound care regime and help in the faster and effective recovery of wound.

Skin Protective Wipes

These wipes act as a protectant for the skin and are used in places where frequent application of tapes and adhesives is required. These Protective wipes often offer a no-sting formula and help in eliminating the skin stripping problem from frequent removal of dressings, tapes and adhesive appliances. These wipes are packaged individually for convenience and must be disposed after use. Try the Smith & Nephew Skin Prep Protectants or the Hollister Adapt No Sting Protective Wipe that acts as an extra level of security on the skin.

Cleansing Towelettes

These are small wipes made of fabric that is medicated, used for cleaning cuts, abrasions, scrapes and the skin around the wound. These wipes are available in individual packaging or in a box packaging for convenience. They can be easily taken along with you on the go or kept in the first aid kit. These are sterile wipes good for sanitizing injuries. They also help in keeping any foreign substance out of the wound including bacteria or germs to avoid contamination. They are intended for single use only. Try the Medline Antiseptic and Cleansing Towelettes for cleaning the wound and surrounding skin.

Adhesive Remover Wipes

Tapes, dressings and appliances often stick to the skin using adhesives. When these products are removed a part of the adhesive still sticks to the skin surrounding the wound or stoma. This adhesive must be removed before re-application of the dressing or appliance. Adhesive remover wipes help in removing adhesives from the skin. Try the Bard Adhesive and Protective Barrier Film Remover Disposable Wipes for effective removal of adhesives and is latex free.

Where to Buy Protective Wipes, Dressings, and Towelettes?

Choose from a wide range of skin protective wipes, cleansing towelettes and adhesive removers and other items that are used to prepare and protect skin for adhesives in tapes and appliances that attach directly to the skin. Buy products from top vendors like Medline, Smith & Nephew, Cardinal Health, Atos Medical and many more at attractive discounts on Health Products For You!

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