Pet Grooming Tools

Daily care for pets including hygienic care and cleanliness comes under pet grooming. With the help of grooming a dog’s physical appearance also can be enhanced. Grooming includes bathing, hair combing, trimming, nail clipping etc. Grooming is an important part of health and wellbeing of the pet which can also improve the lifespan of the pet. What type of grooming is required depends upon the breed and health of the pet. Buy pet grooming tools to groom your pets, keeping them healthy happy and looking good at all times. We carry tools by well-established manufacturers like Conair Corporation, Furminator, John Paul Pet and many more at attractive discounts on HPFY. 


Importance of Pet Grooming

  • Reduction in health problems like scratches, thrush and various skin related issues 
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Cleanliness of the animal 
  • Monitoring factors that may indicate illness like cuts, heat, swelling or changes in temperament etc 
  • Creates a bonding between the pet and the owner 
  • Protection from external parasites on skin and in the coat

Tools and Supplies for Pet Grooming

  • Curry combs: These combs are made of rubber or plastic and are used on the coat of the animal to loosen any dirt, shred hair and other detritus while stimulating skin to produce natural oils. Exercise care while using this tool as it can harm the skin if pulled too hard. Try the Furminator Curry Comb For Dogs for an effective combing session. 
  • Scissors and clippers: These tools are used to basically to remove or shorten hair and nails of your pet. Pet grooming scissors are slightly longer than regular scissors and come with a rounded edge to prevent injuries during cutting. Try the ConairPRO Dog Round-tip Shear for safe and effective cutting and the ConairPro Dog Nail Clipper for nail clipping. 
  • Rakes: These are tools that are used basically to remove dead hair from the undercoat in double coated dogs. Teeth of the rake are designed specially to get into the overcoat down to the undercoat. Rakes are also helpful in detangling and dematting. Try the ConairPRO Dog Rake that comes with a comfort grip for a good hold and effective grooming. 
  • Ear and eye wipes: These are designed especially for the purpose of cleaning the pet’s eyes and ears. Try the Earthbath Pet Eye Wipes for this purpose.