3M Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant

3M Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant

Brand/Manufacturer: 3M


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  • Latex Free

3M Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant is a polymeric-cyanoacrylate solution intended for the protection of intact or damaged skin. Upon application to skin, the liquid dries rapidly to form a primary long-lasting waterproof, highly durable film barrier. It is elastomeric, adhering to the contours of the skin and providing a uniform film. It helps in reducing IAD (Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis) under urinary and fecal incontinence. The film adheres to dry, moist or wet skin surfaces and remains intact during conditions of continuous or repeated exposure to moisture or caustic irritants. It will wear off the skin and does not require removal.

3M Cavilon Skin Protectant Highlights

  • Perineal Skin Protectant
  • Acts as Protective Barrier
  • Helps in Pain Reduction
  • Heals Damaged Skin
  • Latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic

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5050 Skin Protectant Each $0.77
5050 Skin Protectant 5/Pack $3.80
5050 Skin Protectant 20/Case $15.00

Why to choose 3M Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant?

  • The products superior barrier performance allows/enables damaged skin to heal
  • The protective barrier prevents, stops and reverses the effects of IAD (Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis)
  • Ability to attach /adhere to wet, weeping (denuded) and/or dry skin and its exceptional barrier properties, the product does a superior job of protecting skin from irritants
  • Protective barrier reduces pain associated with IAD and IAD care forms a transparent coating on the skin
  • Avoid the need for frequent reapplication
  • Allows easy, gentle cleansing with no removal required
  • Easy-to-use, single-use applicator makes application fast and reduces the potential for cross-contamination possible with traditional products
  • Attach to wet, weepy damaged skin surfaces
  • Flex and stretch while in place, providing waterproof, irritant-proof skin protection for your patients and residents — even under the most challenging conditions

Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant Ingredients

  • Hexamethyldisiloxane
  • Acrylic Tetrapolymer
  • 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate

Why to Use 3M Advanced Skin Protectant?

Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant forms a film barrier intended to protect intact or damaged skin. It is effective in conditions where skin is frequently or continuously exposed to moisture and caustic irritants such as feces, digestive fluids, wound drainage and urine. Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant also can be used in areas exposed to friction and shear from bedding, clothing, shoes or any other material that would rub against the skin.

What to buy with Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant?

How to use 3M Cavilon Skin Protectant?

  • Cleanse skin before applying Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant. Gently dry areas of intact skin as needed. If areas of erosion (denudement) are present, excess serous or sero-sanguinous drainage may be blotted with a gauze pad if necessary.
  • Open package and grasp applicator. Place thumb at the end of the lever. Aim the sponge end of the applicator downward and firmly depress the lever to break the internal ampule. A snapping or popping noise will be noted as the ampule breaks. It is not necessary to continue to press the lever.
  • Keep the applicator pointed in a downward position for approximately 10 seconds to allow fluid to flow into the foam sponge; continued pressure on the lever is not required.
    Note - fluid will not completely saturate the sponge to the edges.
  • Using an even, sweeping motion, gently wipe the foam sponge across the skin with minimal overlap. Firm pressure and/or downward pressure on the lever or the applicator is not needed and may result in excessive wetness or pooling of fluid. Continue application until the entire area of concern has been covered. The applicator may be used in any direction.
  • Apply the product to all skin that is exposed to stool and/or urine, or irritating body fluid. Allow the area to dry for at least 30 seconds.
  • If an area is missed, wait until the fluid has dried completely before applying additional product.
  • If Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant is applied within a skin fold or other area of skin-to-skin contact, make sure that the skin surfaces are separated to allow the fluid to dry completely (at least 30 seconds) before allowing skin to return to the normal position.
  • When used under adhesive tapes, dressings, or devices, allow the product to dry for approximately 1 minute before covering with adhesive products.
  • Cleanse affected area as needed. Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant is waterproof and is not removed by cleansing.
  • Reapply two to three times per week. More frequent application may result in buildup of the product.
  • The film will wear off the skin and does not require removal. If removal is desired, the film should be removed with an adhesive remover containing hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDS).
  • Use an adhesive remover containing HMDS to remove an adhesive product that has been placed over the film. This is especially important for patients with fragile skin.

Precautions to take while using 3M Cavilon Skin Protectant

  • Skin absorption and the effectiveness of topical medications (including: antimicrobials, antifungals, and analgesics) may be reduced or prevented by the presence of the Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant.
  • Use of other barrier products, ointments, creams or lotions may significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • The product can increase the adhesion of some adhesive products (e.g. tape), particularly in the first few days of use. When removing an adhesive product, it is important to exercise care and follow the Directions for Use.

Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant is NOT to be used:
  • as a wound dressing for full thickness wounds
  • in or around the eyes

  • Danger Extremely Flammable.
  • Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant is extremely flammable until it has completely dried on the skin.
  • The product should only be applied when no ignition sources or heat-producing devices are in use.
  • Avoid using the product around flames.
  • Use the product only in well ventilated areas.
  • Avoid use on individuals who are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • The product is individually packaged for single use only. Reuse could result in increased risk of infection, or inadequate product performance.
  • The product is not intended for applications requiring sterile product (e.g. infusion catheter site protection and care, or surgical site protection).
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Symptoms and Areas of Potential Skin Damage Due To IAD

  • Changes in skin color
    • Light skin tones may have erythema ranging in intensity from pink to red
    • Dark skin tones may appear paler, darker, purple, dark red, or yellow
  • Changes in skin integrity
    • Warmer and firmer than skin without IAD
    • Also may see:
      - Moist, open weeping areas of skin
      - Lesions such as raised blisters (vesicles) or small bumps (papules)

Areas of Damage:
  • Genitalia (labia/scrotum)
  • Right groin fold (crease between genitalia and thigh)
  • Left groin fold (crease between genitalia and thigh)
  • Lower abdomen suprapubic
  • Right inner thigh
  • Left inner thigh
  • Perianal skin
  • Gluteal fold (crease between buttocks)
  • Left upper buttock
  • Right upper buttock
  • Left lower buttock
  • Right lower buttock
  • Left posterior thigh
  • Right posterior thigh

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