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What is a Pegboard?

A pegboard is a flat plastic or wooden board with small holes in which children place small, multi-colored pegs using their fingers. Pegboard is an excellent rehabilitative and educational toy for toddlers. It helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children. The pegs come in different sizes and shapes. Some pegboards come with different patterns that allow the children to use their imagination.

All pegboards serve the same purpose; they improve fine motor skills, early math skills, and focus and concentration among toddlers. The simple-looking toys encourage the toddlers to master these skills while playing and exploring. Health Products For You offers good quality, durable and washable pegboards from leading manufacturers such as Kinsman Ent and Lafayette Instruments, to name a few.

Benefits of a Pegboard For Toddlers

    1. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

    • The main purpose of a pegboard is to improve fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the smaller muscles of the toddler's hands, fingers, and wrists to perform tasks like eating, brushing teeth, or getting dressed. 
    • Pegboard provides the opportunity to develop fine motor functions and hand-eye coordination. To grasp the peg and successfully place it in a small hole is a big achievement for toddlers. By practicing and learning it, children will be able to perform self-care tasks independently. 
    • Lafayette Grooved Pegboard Test is a manipulative new link dexterity test that requires more complex visual-motor coordination than most pegboard tests. Lauri Pegboards and Tall Stacker Pegs is a great pegboard stacking toy which helps build strong fine motor skills and good hand-eye coordination. Kids love to stack things and can make towers with these pegs.

    2. Concentration

    Pegboards also generate a lot of concentration. Children enjoy this fun task of manipulating pegs on the board. A lot of focus is required on this task which increases concentration.

    3. Color Recognition

    Color recognition in kids begins around age one, which is considered a milestone in their cognitive process. Most pegboard sets are bright and colorful, which enhances the toddler's ability to identify colors. Your kid will enjoy the task of sorting different colored pegs and putting them in a line. In the process, you can teach them the names of the different colors.

    Sammons Preston Visual Perception Assessment Program is an excellent tool that measures an individual's basic level of function in color identification, shape and size discrimination, eye-hand coordination, and the ability of the toddler to follow verbal instructions.

    4. Early maths skill

    Pegboards are wonderful teaching toys in many other ways, such as counting, matching, and sorting. While placing the pegs, the toddler can count them as one, two, three, and so on. With adult support, they can also learn about addition and subtraction. Children can also learn basic math skills such as sorting and matching by making different patterns and placing pegs in a sequence. All these activities build a foundation for math skills needed for future learning.

    5. Vocabulary

    There is huge scope for kids to increase their vocabulary when playing with pegboards. The toddler can learn geometric shapes, color identification, counting, and many other things with adult guidance

Where to buy Wooden Peg Boards online?

We at HPFY offer a huge collection of Peg Boards that help rehabilitate and improve fine motor skills in toddlers. The products are from well-known makers like Patterson Medical/Performance Health, and many more.

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