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What are Manipulative Toys?

Manipulative toys in the early stages help facilitate a child's learning to use their hands. Gross and fine motor skills develop gradually through a number of stages beginning from sensory awareness to in-hand manipulation and tool-use. All of these skills are crucial for the over all development of the child. These skills aid in independent daily living.

Why are manipulatives important?

  • Not every child grows and learns easily. For many children, aids like manipulatives are essential for developing their basic senses and abilities. By giving children different ways to learn and develop, you're offering more opportunities to enhance their interest in the lesson. Such hands-on activities are known to engage kinaesthetic learners.
  • By varying the types of activities, you're able to cover different types of learners simultaneously. Having a session with manipulatives can also help in identifying areas where the child struggles the most. Manipulatives help in transitioning a lot of the theoretical concepts into a practical format.
  • It is a great way of supporting their learning. Manipulatives for kids are money-saving too.
  • More often than not maths tasks are solitary and designed to develop independent working. Manipulatives are a chance to include a variety of elements in teaching and make learning fun.
  • Manipulatives are crucial for assessing a child's strengths and weaknesses in a non-intimidating, safe environment. The caregiver/ gaurdian/ teacher focus on expansion and reinforcement of the child's knowledge in a holistic and personalized way.
  • It's a much nicer format to keep the child interested in the early learning stages.

Where to buy Manipulative Toys?

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