Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form
Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form

Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form

Brand/Manufacturer: NEARLY ME
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  • Made in USA

Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form is designed specifically for women after limited conservative breast surgeries, lumpectomies, reconstruction or for uneven breasts to balance breast shape. These forms are of two shapes, one is a small bra insert which is a curved wedge shape to fit smoothly under or around the breast to add replacement weight and fill where needed. The Fill Insert is a contoured half circle that fills in on either side or underneath the breast.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
18-740-01 Size 1, Fill Insert Each $90.65 $59.99
18-740-02 Size 2, Fill Insert Each $90.65 $59.99
18-740-03 Size 3, Fill Insert Each $90.65 $59.99

Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form Features

  • Nearly Me 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form can be worn in a pocketed bra or in a fashion bra depending on the amount of tissue lost from surgery and location
  • In Fill insert 1 edge is thicker and lies up against the body to replace more tissue that has been removed while the outer edge is curved and tapered to lie smoothly against the curve of the breast
  • Each form is 100% silicone gel that is encapsulated in a thin polyurethane skin that is resilient and flexible yet extremely durable
  • Tapered diamond symmetric shape fits both right and left side of chest and can be placed anywhere around the chest area
  • Turn in any direction for best fit
  • Washable
  • No nipple
  • Color: Beige


2 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

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I had left mastectomy  with tran flag reconstruction 1995 then right mastectomy on right side 2012 I've had several more reconstruction surgeries plus fat transplants and still can't achieve any fullness towards  the cleavage area of my right breast  cookies and extra pads do not help that area what do you suggest?
Sharon - 1/3/2017 8:01:36 PM
answer image
It was suggested by manufacturer that first find a certified mastectomy fitter in your area to be professionally fit. According to manufacturer He/She is not sure that 290 Partial Equalizer Symmetrical Breast Form will fit you as product has a lower edge that your breast would need to sit in.
 Nearly Me 270 SO SOFT Oval Equalizer Symmetrical Partial Breast Form might work better, however without knowing your bra and cup size, we are not sure what size to recommend.
Customer Care - 2/4/2017 2:03:12 AM
question image
How do I determine what size I need?  I had a mastectomy on the left side and was fitted with an Amoena memory foam prosthesis, which I like very much.  It is a 132  7 leisure form weighted. It makes me look like I used to look wearing my 34 DD underwire bra.   My problem is my remaining breast.  Since I can't wear underwire bras anymore, the right breast isn't being supported as well as it used to be.  At 67, gravity has taken it's toll on me.  The right breast looks smaller and lower than the left one with the prosthesis, although I was measured correctly when I got the prosthesis.  I think I need a push up insert for the right side but have no idea what size to order.  Thanks for your help.    
elaine shepard - 1/28/2016 10:12:38 PM
answer image
I would suggest STILL YOU BREAST ENHANCER, which has a natural look and feel and will increase your bust one to two full cup sizes. I hope that answers your question.
Customer Care - 1/29/2016 5:23:19 AM
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