Insulin Coolers

Insulin Coolers (cooling wallets or cooling cases) are a cost effective and reliable way to store insulin at the required temperature without ice packs or refrigeration. These cooling wallets are reusable and do not require any kind of refrigeration to operate. These wallets use crystal that turn into gel form when immersed in water. These gel crystals provide cooling to the contents of the wallet. These wallets can provide the cooling effect for two days even at an outside temperature of 100 degree Fahrenheit. With these wallets you can travel any time anywhere without any restrictions. You do not have to worry about availability of an ice pack or refrigeration on the way.


How to Use a Cooling Wallet?

To activate cooling wallets immerse them in water for about 5-10 minutes. It will remain cool for the next two days. After the cooling effect goes away re immerse it in water and so on. The wallet must be towel dried after immersing in water. It is dry to touch after towel drying and does not retain any wetness. These wallets also have insulating properties that protect the crystals from freezing at low temperature. These wallets are durable and last long. Insulin coolers can be used for cooling all types of insulin pumps, insulin pens, vials and refill cartridges. These wallets are also good for other medications that require cooling. Always consult your doctor or chemist before testing on any other medication as the temperature required may differ considerably. 

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